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Oct 2013:
Tour dates announced!

22 July: factory fires are burning in the big push to meet the Genesis Revisited II deadline, with two drummers (Gary O’Toole and Jeremy Stacey), two engineers (Roger King and Ben Fenner) and three bass players (Lee Pomeroy, Nick Beggs and Phil Mulford) currently on the case! It’s like a feature film with various camera units working simultaneously. Fantastic vocals from several artists, including Steven Wilson, Nik Kershaw, Nad Sylvan, Simon Collins, Francis Dunnery, Mikael Akerfeldt, John Wetton, Neal Morse, Amanda Lehmann, Gary O’Toole and Jakko Jakszyk are already in, as well as strong guitar contributions from Steve Rothery and Roine Stolt. String players are now being recorded along with my brother John on flute, Rob Townsend on all things blown, plus a special contribution from Hungarian band Djabe. There’s some intriguing keyboard work from Nick Magnus and Dave Kerzner, as well as the many months of extraordinary work and time put in by Roger King. It’s a double album, on course for end October release...

Session for The Rome Pro(G)ject (April 2012).

Squackett (May 2012), yes a colloborations with Chris Squire!

Tour dates.

Live pics, may 2010.

Interview by Olga from www.progressor.net/.

12-2-50, London. Guitar and vocals. He likes Bach, Tjaikovski and Lennon/ McCatrney, so it isn't strange his style is diverse.
Steve Hackett's earliest experience in playing professionally came with groups named Canterbury Glass and Sarabande, doing mainstream rock with a progressive/psychedelic edge. Steve is best known as the guitarist with Genesis during their best years as both a progressive and a commercial band:

hackettcured Genesis Live,
Selling England By the Pound,
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway,
Trick of The Trail (after the departure of Peter Gabriel),
Wind and Wuthering
and of course the live masterpiece Seconds Out.

His arrival in the group's lineup at the start of 1971, replacing original guitarist Anthony Phillips, provided the group with the last ingredient that it needed for success. In the years since, while Phil Collins may have enjoyed pop/rock stardom and an acting career and his other band mates their periodic successes, Hackett has come the farthest as a star performer and composer in his own right. He left Genesis in '76.
His first solo-work is called; Voyage of the Acrolite ('75), featuring Phillip Collins and Michael Rutherford in its lineup of musicians. Please don't touch ('78) is a nice album.

Randy Crawford sings Kim;
Kim Poor (Steve's girlfriend an artist who take care of many covers of Steve solo-albums,
Chester Thompson (he plays live with Genesis) on drums,
Tom Fowler- bass &
Steve Walsh (ex-Kansas).

Albums that follow are Till we have Faces (with Ian Mosly on drums), Spectral Mornings, Defector - a fascinating musical/political fantasy - and the more easy-going, pop-oriented Cured ('81). Kim sometimes write the lyrics and his Nick Magnus plays keyboards and take care of producing the albums with Steve. Magnus played before in Autumn, a progressive band in the style of the early Genesis.
He also reunited with Peter Gabriel and Michael Rutherford and then with all of his ex-bandmates for a pair of 1982 charity concerts. The following year, he enjoyed a very successful European single in the guise of "Cell 151" off of the Highly Strung (with Chris Lawrence) LP. Higly Strung ('83) is in deep contrast with the acoustic Bay of Kings and to let us show his diversity.

hackett2011 He made a blues album with;

Julian Colbeck- keyboards, he did a session with Yes
Richard Sinclair - bass &
Hugo Degenhart- drums).

Followed by a live- and another acoustic (with Julian Colbeck) and a best of.
When David Palmer (ex- Jethro Tull) starts with a symphonic release of the best of Jethro Tull, Steve is been asked to play guitar on Genesis and Pink Floyd- albums. In the meantime he is busy in GTR with Steve Howe.

Guitar Noir ('93):

Steve Hackett - guitars, vocals, harmonica, rainstick, producer,
Brian May - guitar,
Aron Friedman - keys,
Julian Colbeck - keys, b-vocals,
Dave "Taif" Ball -bass,
Hugo Degenhardt -drums, b-vocals, percussion,
Billy Budis - engineer.

hackettgenesis Genesis Revisited ('97) is a best of Genesis with:

John Wetton,
Paul Carrack,
Colin Blunstone and
Steve - vocals,
Pino Palladino,
Alfonso Johnson (from Weather Report, he was asked to replace Steve in Genesis, but didn't fit),
Tony Levin and
John Wetton- bass,
Bill Bruford,
Chester Thompson,
Hugo Degenhardt- drums,
Aron Friedman,
Robert King,
Jerry Peal,
Nick Magnus &
Julian Colbeck- keyboards,
Wil Bates &
Ian McDonald- sax,
John Hackett- flute &
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - various instruments.

Guys who worked in Genesis, King Krimon, Yes, Frank Zappa, Asia, Wheater Report, The Zombies, Ace, GTR & Mike & the Mecanics. A midsummer Night's Dream again with the The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, is a complete classical album. The Tokyo Tapes, live-recordings from '96;

Chester Thompson,
Ian McDonald &
John Wetton.

Darktown ('99):

Sir Douglas Sinclair- bass,
Julian Colbeck- keys,
Ian McDonald- saxes,
Roger King- keys, bass, engineer and producer,
John Wetton-bass,
Jim Diamnond- vocals,
Aron Friedman- piano, programming,
Hugo Degenhart- drums.

And agian in '99 with Soire an album with his brother John with work from Satie.

Feedback '86 ('01):

Steve Hackett Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals, Producer Nick Magnus - Piano, Drums, Keyboards
Ian Mosley - Drums
Terry Pack - Bass
Lippa Pearce - Graphic Design
Kim Poor - Cover Painting
Chris Thompson - Vocals
Pete Trewavas - Bass
Bonnie Tyler - Vocals

Somewhere In South America ('03 one DVD and two cd's!).
The album was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina in early 2002 with:

Roger King (keyboards),
Gary O' Toole (drums, vocals),
Terry Gregory (bass, vocals) and
Rob Townsend (sax, flute).

Musically the whole double album is a trip throughout the whole of Hackett's solo career with references made to his Genesis past.

To Watch The Storms is the tittle of his new album, released end May, with;

Steve Hackett Vocals, Guitar,
Roger King Keyboards,
Rob Townsend Brass, Woodwind,
Terry Gregory Basses, Vocals,
Gary O’Toole Drums, Vocals,
John Hackett Flute on Serpentine Song,
Ian McDonald Sax on Brand New,
Jeanne Downs Backing Vocals,
Sarah Wilson Cello,
Howard Gott Violin.

A very diverse album; from Eric Satie to blues, with old songs in his early period (great), beautiful ballads and more (semi)-acoustic songs.
A nice special edition with wonderful paintings by Kim Poor!

And who can't get enough; some new live albums are available.


He gave an awesome gig in Belgium on 11-11-'03, organized by Francis Geron of the Spirit of 66. Sadly we missed it....

At Prog-Nose you can find a review and beautiful pictures of this gig.


Live Archive 03 (2CD)

Steve Hackett - Guitar & vocals,
Roger King - Keyboards,
Rob Townsend - Sax, Flute & vocals,
Terry Gregory - Bass & vocals,
Gary O’Toole - Drums & vocals,
John Hackett - Flute on “Kim”.

Track list:
Mechanical Bride - Serpentine Song - Watcher Of The Skies - Hairless Heart – Darktown - Camino Royale - Pollution B - The Steppes - Acoustic Medley – Kim - Walking Away From Rainbows – Slogans - Every Day - Please Don’t Touch - Firth Of Fifth - The Wall Of Knives - Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite - Spectral Mornings - Brand New - Los Endos – Clocks - In That Quiet Earth.


Happily Steve and his band came back to Verviers:

Roger King - Keyboards,(he worked with Steve for several years and; the S-Club, Blue, Kelly David, Gary Moore, Paul Gilbert, Nuno Bettencourt, John Paul Jones and Warren G as well as working on high profile movies such as "Cliffhanger" and "In The Name Of The Father" and writing music for TV.
Rob Townsend - Sax, Flute & vocals, (Django Bates, Stpehen Warbeck and Siobhan Davis Dance Co.)
Terry Gregory - Bass & vocals, (Martin Taylor, Stephane Grappelli, Frank Gambale, Steve Hackett and Shaun Baxter. He has appeared on sessions with countless international acts and lectures at Brunel University, Jazz East, Basstech, Drumtech and the Powerhouse Group of Music Schools!).
Gary O’Toole - Drums & vocals (he plays in Manuka as well).

Setlist: (hope it's correct):


Setlist 23 March 2004 The Spirit of 66 / Verviers.
  1. Valley of Kings
  2. Mechanical Bride
  3. Serpentine Song
  4. Circus of becoming
  5. Frozen Statues
  6. Slogans
  7. Serpitines Song
  8. Ace of Wands
  9. Hammer in the Sand
  10. Horizons/ Over The Bridge To Sky medley acoustic
  11. Imagines/ Second Change
  12. Blood on the Rooftop
  13. Fly on a Windshield
  14. Please don't Touch
  15. Firth of Fifth
  16. Dark Night in ToyTown
  17. Darktown
  18. Brand New
  19. Aircondioneted Nightmare
  20. Every Day
  21. Clocks

  22. Spectral Mornings
  23. Los Endos

  24. In that quit earth

As always Francis announced the band and believe me when he says "No Flashy Light, when else I'll flashy you.". There's nobody in The Spirit who dares to use a flashlight. So no pictures this time...

A wonderful evening, the gig started very powerful with Valley of Kings, followed up by Mechanical Bride, hypnotizing black light / strobe flashing, the band already in ecstasy with a mix of powerrock and jazz-fusion en Steve's own staccato sound.
SpiritOf66 The next songs were not so heavy, time to relax and enjoy the wonderful skills of this band. They seemed to be in a good mood and there was enough interaction between them.
Steve was not feeling well but nevertheless he was in a very good shape, as always (?). He told, stories, about the making of the album Wind & Wuthering and how Phil became the new lead singer but still was responsible of the 'Batteria", just like Gary gonna do now...; Blood on the Rooftops, and Gary received an overwelming applause for that!
Steve's speaks his languages, even i could understand his French (normally i don't understand a word of it).
Spiritof69 Fly on the Windshield was very impressive and then; Firth of Fifth, beautiful. I think i'll never hear this song so beautiful again. Steve's famous solo was impeccably performed and the crowd were very pleased.
The set was one of musical contrast, heavy cords, Spanish style acoustic guitar music, ballads, horror-music (DarkTown) and the all time best classics of Spectral Mornings and Genesis.
Every Day was another highlight, just like the last three songs... excellent!.
Did I mentioned that all the 5 musicians were GREAT? Now i did for sure... And now i forgot the sound-engineer, he did a marvelous job too.

hope you could rescue your throat and hope you're feeling better.

Molto piacere di successo in Italia!



Live Archive 04 (2 CD).
This 2CD set captures the last night of Steve's 2004 European tour with his full electric band, recorded on 3rd April 2004 at Petofi Csarnok, Budapest, Hungary.

The band line-up:
Steve Hackett - Guitar & Vocals
Roger King - Keyboards
dvd2004 Rob Townsend - Sax, Flute, Percussion & Vocals
Terry Gregory - Bass & Vocals
Gary O’Toole - Drums, Percussion & Vocals.

The dvd a gig in Poland is called Once Above a Time and could be one of nicest x-mas gifts to your friends.
A wonderful dvd with an breathtaking gig with all his classics comming along.

He'll be do some touring in an acoustic set with his brother John on flute and Roger King on keyboards. There'll be a gig in the Grand Theatre Verviers (13.03.2005)!
More dates you can find here.

Metamorpheus new album March 2005.
Metamorpheus is the natural successor to Steve's last orchestral album, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. The album is a musical expression of the legend of Orpheus and his passage through the Underworld, combining nylon guitar with orchestra, seamlessly linking the small and large musical forces.
Order here

Wild Orchids, the new album by the former Genesis guitarist, marks the 250th release on the InsideOut label in early September. Steve Hackett himself presents - after the highly acclaimed rock record "To Watch The Storms" and the "classic" successor "Metamorpheus" - with "Wild Orchids" a work which in a certain sense creates a synthesis of the afore mentioned two albums.

Wild Orchid is a beauty, truly inspiring and just like an orchid you will be amazed of the beautiness.

Steve - guitars, electric sitar, harmonica, psaltery, optigan & voices,
Roger King - keyboards 7 rhythm guitar,
John Hackett - flute,

Rob Townsend - saxes, flute, tin whistle & bass clarinet,
Gary O'Toole - drums & harmony voices,
Nick Magnus - keyboards,

The Underworld Orchestra:
Christina Townsend - principal violin, viola,
Richard Stewart - cello,
Dick Driver - double bass,
Colin Clague - trumpet,
Chris Redgate - oboe, choir anglais.

Kim Poor - cover painting.

Tribute ('08).
'Tribute’ is a continuing expression of Steve’s fascination with the classical guitar and a homage to the composers and performers who have inspired him, in particular Andrés Segovia.


Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth (oct 2009).
Musicians on the new album are:
Nick Beggs ~ bass & Chapman Stick (Kajagogoo, Iona, Steve Wilson);
Steve Hackett ~ guitars, acoustic guitars & vocals;
John Hackett ~ flute;
Roger King ~ keyboards & programming;
Lauren King ~ backing vocals;
Ferenc Kovacs ~ violin;
Amanda Lehmann ~ vocals;
Jo Lehmann ~ backing vocals;
Anthony Phillips ~ 12-string guitar;
Chris Squire ~ bass;
Christine Townsend ~ violin, viola;
Rob Townsend ~ soprano saxophone.

Spectral Mornings ('DVD '10)
The band performed a shortened set for the television cameras and it has been mastered in the NTSC format in order that American and Japanese fans may also now enjoy this historical performance.

This DVD was originally available as a VHS tape and briefly as a DVD.As an added bonus we have included tracks filmed at the same time as this performance but for some reason these tracks were not included in the broadcast. These tracks have now been included and the set now represents the actual running order of the complete performance.

01 Intro [Excerpts from Land Of A Thousand Autumns & Tigermoth]
02 /Please Don't Touch
03 Racing In A/Ace Of Wands [Closing Section]
04 Carry On Up The Vicarage
05 Ace Of Wands
06 Narnia
07 Acoustic Section: Blood On The Rooftops/Horizons/Kim
08 Optigan/A Tower Struck Down/Spectral Mornings
09 Star Of Sirius
10 Shadow Of The Hierophant/Clocks/The Angel Of Mons

The band will feature long time collaborators Roger King (keyboards), Gary O'Toole (drums) along with bassist Nick Beggs and Rob Townsend (sax & flute).

Live Rails ('10).
The tracks were recorded in Paris, London and New York during 2009 & 2010. The band featured are: Steve Hackett - Guitars & Vocals, Roger King - Keyboards, Amanda Lehmann - Guitar & Vocals, Gary O'Toole - Drums, Percussion & Vocals, Nick Beggs - Bass, Chapman Stick, Taurus Pedals & Vocals and Rob Townsend - Sax, Woodwind, Percussion & Vocals. The double CD features Steve's solo output as well as some Genesis tracks...

Disc 1:
Every Day
Fire On The Moon
Emerald And Ash
Ghost In The Glass
Ace Of Wands
Pollution C
The Steppes
Disc 2
Spectral Mornings
Firth Of Fifth
Blood On The Rooftops
Broadway Melody Of 1974
Fly On A Windshield
Still Waters
Los Endos

Beyond The Shrouded Horizon (2011).
It’s a voyage of discovery, from Blighty to coconut palms, from coracles to spaceships, travelling beyond the known and the hidden to places where waves break on the shores of imagination…
My album might be recorded, but frenzied activity continues as we complete the Live DVD from the Shepherds Bush show in London last year – a powerful gig that included special guests Steven Wilson and John Wetton.

Nick Beggs: bass & chapman stick (played in Kayagogo, Iona & nowadays in Steve Wilsons live band (2011)),
Dick Driver: dubbele bass
Ben Fenner: keys
John Hackett: whistle
Steve Hackett: guitar, vocals, harmonica
Amanda Lehmann: guitar, vocals,
Roger King: keys,
Simon Phillips: drums,
Chris Squire : bass,
Richard Stuart: cello,
Gary O’Toole: drums, vocals,
Christine Townsend: vioolin, viola,
Rob Townsend: sax, histle, bassklarinet.

Fire And Ice captures the whole concert @ Shepherds Bush Empire with the “Around the World in Eighty Trains” tour. While snow fell outside in a London blizzard, within the atmosphere was burning. The band on fine form and hot to trot was joined by special guests Steven Wilson and John Wetton.

01        Intro
02        Valley of the Kings
03        Every Day
05        Golden Age Of Steam
06        Watcher Of The Skies
07        Carpet Crawlers
08        Fire On the Moon
09        Ace Of Wands
10        Shadow Of the Hierophant

11        Sierra Quemada
12        The Darkness In Men’s Hearts
13        Blood On The Rooftops
14        Tubehead
15        Sleepers
16        All Along The Watchtower
17        Still Waters
18        Prairie Angel/Los Endos
19        Firth Of Fifth
20        Clocks


All orders placed on or before the release date will also receive the MP3 album “Fire And Ice – The Soundtrack” FREE for immediate download!

Squackett (May 2012).
The two classic rock icons,
Chris Squire and Steve Hackett have joined forces in a new band called Squackett.

With: Roger King, Jeremy Stacey and Amanda Lehmann.
And it became a nice smooth wonderfull album, a bit laid back, with some nice guitar work.
Recommended! squackett


Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited end 2012.
Disc 1:
01 Chamber Of 32 Doors
02 Horizons
03 Supper’s Ready
04 The Lamia
05 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
06 Fly On A Windshield
07 Broadway Melody Of 1974
08 The Musical Box
09 Can-Utility And The Coastliners
10 Please Don’t Touch
Disc 2:
01 Blood On The Rooftops
02 The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
03 Entangled
04 Eleventh Earl Of Mar
05 Ripples
06 Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers…
07 In That Quiet Earth
08 Afterglow
09 A Tower Struck Down
10 Camino Royale
11 Shadow Of The Hierophant.

As well as Steve’s regular band the album includes stunning performances by guests such as Steven Wilson, Mikael Akerfeldt, Steve Rothery, Nik Kershaw, John Wetton, Roine Stolt, Neal Morse, Francis Dunnery, Nick Beggs, Nad Sylvan, Jakko Jakszyk, Simon Collins, Djabe and many more.

Tour dates 2013.



Session for:

Peter Banks, Two Sides of Peter Banks (1973) Guitar (Electric)
Box of Frogs Strange Land (1986) Vocals
GTR GTR (1986) Synthesizer, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
GTR King Biscuit Flower Hour (1997) Guitar
Jeff Buckley; Sketches (For My Sweetheart the Drunk)
The Phil Collins Big Band; Hot Night in Paris
Peter Gabriel; Slowburn
Gazebo; Portrait
Genesis/London Symphony Orchestra / David Palmer.
Objects of Fantasy, also from David Palmer, beautiful Steve doing those solo's... ('89),
John Wetton ('98),
"Postmankind" from Ian Mosley (yep drums in Marillion) and Ben Castle ('01).
Ian McDonald,
John Hackett ('05).
Neal Morse ('05)
Nick Magness see below ('01).
Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) new solo album.
Gary Husband (ex-Level 42) with John McGlaughlin, Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Laurence Cottle anf Allan Holdsworth.
John Wetton (2011).
Elisabeth Fraser, live at the Royal Albert Hall '12
Rob Reed (Kompendium '12 (Rob is from Magenta)).
Rob Cottingham (Touchstone) ('12).
Ayreon (The Theory of Everything '13)


Solo with Inhaling Green ('99):
Flute [Alto, Concerto] - John Hackett
Guitar - Geoff Whitehorn (Procol Harum)
Soprano Vocals - Clare Brigstocke (only one track)
Hexameron ('04):
Steve Hackett: Guitar
John Hackett: Flute
Geoff Whitehorn (Procol Harum): Guitar
Pete Hicks (Steve Hackett Band): Vocals
Tony Patterson (ReGenesis): Vocals

Children Of Another God ('10).
A strong narrative and music of cinematic breadth and intensity make "Children Of Another God" a concept album that will appeal to any lover of Symphonic Progressive Rock.

Steve Hackett
John Hackett
Pete Hicks - former Steve Hackett Band vocalist
Tony Patterson - ReGenesis vocalist
Linda John-Pierre
Andy Neve
Glenn Tollett - formerly of The Enid
For great videos you'll find Nick's YouTube video channel HERE .

The Rome Pro(G)ject (April 2012).

David Cross (played in King Crimson),
Francesco Di Giacomo, (Banco, BMS, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso)
John Hackett,
Steve Hackett,
David Jackson, (Solo Artist, Van der Graaf Generator, VDGG)
Nick Magnus, (Solo Artist, Steve Hackett Band)
Richard Sinclair (Solo artist, Caravan, Camel, Hatfield and the North)

with the delicious talents of Franck Carducci, Narrow Pass, Mauro Montobbio, Jerry Cutillo, Luca Grosso, Danilo Chiarella, Maurizio Mirabelli, Paolo Ricca.

“Some of the most important names of the progressive rock scene and friends comment and celebrate in adventurous and peculiar sound and music the greatness and the beauty of Rome on the 2765th anniversary of its foundation”.
Conceived and produced by Vincenzo Ricca 2012.



A interview you'll find here; interview August 2001.




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