Stephen James Howe 4-8-47, Holloway, London. Guitar.

Session for/ in;

The Syndicates ('63-'65),
The In Crowd,
Steve Howe,
Keith West,
Junior Wood,
"Twink" John Adler (he played in The Pretty Things).
Bodast, see for more info the Yes-page.
Yes since '70,
Lou Reed ('72),
Rick Wakeman ('72),
Alan White,
The Dregs,
The Buggles (with Trevor Horne),
Asia ('82 - '84, '92, '05-'09 - '12),
raymanond kruier GTR ('84-87),
Frankie Goes To Holywood (with Trevor Horn as producer),
Stanley Clarcke,
Propaganda ('85),
Billy Currie,
Nero and the Tend ('86),
Ect Flight,
Guitar Speak ('88),
The Stewart/ Copeland / Stanley Clarke Group,
Animal Logic ('89 with Stewart Copeland & Deborah Holland),
Queen (Innuendo '94),
Fish ('95),
Gordon Giltrap (Music for the small Screen),
The BeeGees ((Size isn't Everything),
Robert Perry (Pilgrimage),
John Wetton,
Explorer Club (2000).


Beginnings ('75),
The Steve Howe Album ('79) with Bill Bruford & Patrick Moraz,
Guitar Speak ('89) with Stewart Copeland.
Turbulence from '91 with Bruford,
Funny Farm Project ('93, with Fish),
Seraphim, a New Age-album, with the Suisse keyboardist Paul Sutin,
Not necessarily Acoustic ('94 live).
Quatum Guitar ('98), with his son on drums,

Beside his works with Yes, he has released several solo albums, the most recent being his tribute to Dylan (Portaits Of Bob Dylan, 1999), and an all acoustic guitar album (Natural Timbre 2001). His newest solo album is Skyline 2002, recorded with the help of keyboardist Paul Sutin. On his new solo album, he walks a very dangerous line between New Age and Jazz.

Steve's Howe Remedy: Elements ('03). An album with rock, hard-rock, ambient, jazzy and bluesy songs, and some psychedelica. With:

Steve Howe: electric, acoustic, virtual and synth guitars, dobro, steels, mandolin, dulcimer and vocals,
Virgil Howe: keyboards, harmony vocals,
Gilad Atzmon: sax, flute, clarinet,
Derrick Taylor: bass guitar,
Dylan Howe: drums.


Spectrum ('05):

Steve Howe: Guitars,
Dylan Howe: Drums,
Virgil Howe: Keyboards,
Oliver Wakeman: Keyboards,
Tony Levin: Bass.

This instrumental albums sound likes it is called; a spectrum of Steve's music, enjoyable but not breathtaking. A constant level of poppy songs with the recognizable sound of Steve's guitar.




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