Born May 17, 1948 in Sevenoaks, Kent, England.
Drums, Percussion.

Bill Bruford's career is like his drumming sound - inimitable. Known for his ringing metal snare drum, crisp cymbal work, and knack for complex time signatures, a young Bruford came to prominence in the late '60s with Yes. The drummer completed his British art rock trilogy by briefly joining Genesis in the 1970s and spending a quarter-century with King Crimson through the late '90s. In between King Crimson dates, Bruford led a dazzling self-titled jazz fusion solo band from 1978 to 1980 that featured guitarist Allan Holdsworth, bassist Jeff Berlin, and keyboardist Dave Stewart). And even as he leads his visionary jazz band, Bruford's Earthworks, he maintains a career as a session drummer with artists like:

Yes ('68-'73),
King Crimson ('73-'75, '81-84 and later in the '90-ies),
Genesis Live ( Secound Out '75),
Rick Wakeman ('72),
Steve Howe ('75/'79-'91),
Al di Meola (Scenario, with Phil Collins, Tony Levin, Jan Hammer and Bill Bruford),
Chris Squire ('75),
Jack Lancaster (Peter & the Wolf; '75, with Phil Collins, Manfed Mann, Gary Brooker, Brian Eno, Chris Spedding, Gary Moore, Cozy Powell, Alvin Lee, Stephane Grappelli),
Roy Harper ('75, also live),
U.K. ('77-'78),
Anderson-Bruford-Wakeman-Howe ('88),
Roy Harper ('95 HQ),
Yes (Union 91, Classic-album '96),
Schizoid Man King Crimson ('96),
Supernatural Fairy Tales: The Progressive Rock Era Various Artists ('96),
Thrakattak King Crimson ('96),
Steve Hackett ('97),
Steve Hackett, Watchers of the Skies ('97),
B.L.U.E. ('98 with Tony Levin),
Mark Ramsden & Steve Lodder('01),
Jean P.Goude ('01),
World Drummers Ensemble ('06), with Luis Conte,
Patrick Moraz, Timecode ('06),
Dawngreeter ('08).

And and a lot of re-releases, live, and re-re-releases of;
King Crimson,
UK &



Solo with for example;

One of a Kind,
Going Tornado ('80), with Patrick Moraz (who played shortly in Yes; '84-'85),
Music for Piano & Drums '83 and Flags '85 (with Patrick Moraz),
Earthworks (improvised jazz '87 / '89),


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