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Formed 1968 in Birmingham, England.

NEWS Feb 2012:
YES Recruit New Singer; Jon Davison!

New album in july 2011 and a dvd late 2011, see below.

Review of Nijmegen 2011.

Group Members;

Rick Wakeman,
Jon Anderson,
Peter Banks,
Bill Bruford,
Steve Howe,
Trevor Rabin,
Chris Squire,
Alan White,
Tony Kaye,
Geoff Downes,
Benoit David,

Roger Dean.



Jon Anderson - vocals,
David Forster - bass,
Brian Chapman - guitar,
Ian Wallace - drums,

THE SYNDICATS '63- August '65.

Steve Howe - guitar,
Kevin Driscoll - bass,
Tom Ladd - vocal,
Johnny Melton - drums.


SYN '66-'67 (& 2006!)

Peter Banks - guitar,
Chris Squire - bass,
Steve Nardelli - vocals,
Chris Allan - drums,
Andruw Jackman- organ.

the IN CROWD aug '65-'67;

Steve Howe - guitar,
Keith West - vocal,
Junior Wood - bass,
Twink Adler - drums, replaced by;
Ken Lawrence - drums.


TOY SHOP Jan '68- Jun '68

Jon Anderson,
Peter Banks,
Chris Squire,
Clive Bailey - guitar ,
John Cymball - drums.

TOMOROW mar '67- April; '68

Steve Howe,
Keith West,
Junior Wood,
"Twink" John Adler (he played in The Pretty Things).


BODAST may '68- dec '69

Steve Howe,
Dave Curtis,
Clive Maldoon - guitar,
Bob Woodamn - drums,
BruceThomas - bass.


YES 1 Jun '68- Jan '70 albums; Yes ('69) & Time And a Word ('70),

Peter Banks - guitar (who left to Blodwyn Pig),
Tony Kaye - organ,
Bill Bruford - drums,
Chris Squire - bass,
Jon Anderson - vocals,

YES 2 mar 70- aug '71;
album; The Yes Album ('71),

Steve Howe,

the STRAWBS April '70- aug '71;

Rick Wakeman - keyboards,
Dave Cousins - gtr-vox,
Tony Hooper - gtr-vox,
Richard Hudson - drums,
John Ford - bass.

YES 3 Aug '71- July '72;
Fragile ('72),
Close to the Edge ('72).

Bill, (who left then en joined King Krimson).
and Roger Dean - Design, Illustrations, Cover Design.

YES 4 aug '72- may 74.
Tales fromTopographic Oceans.

Alan White - drums.
and Roger Dean - Design, Illustrations, Cover Design.

YES 5 Aug '74-Nov '76.

Patrick Moraz - keyboards (who came from REFUGEE '73- '74);
Lee Jackson - bass
Brian Davidson - drums
both ex-members of the NICE
with Keith Emerson.
and Roger Dean - Design, Illustrations, Cover Design.

Rick Wakeman had a sabbatical Year and did some solo-gigs and projects, he was the first who made a solo-album; The Six Wifes of Henry VII and A Journey to the Centre of the Earth. In '75 they all cut solo-albums;
Chris Squire: Fish out the Water,
Steve Howe; Beginnings,
Alan White; Ramshackled,
Jon Anderson; Olias of Sunhillow (with again great art work of Roger Dean).


YES 6 Nov '76- Feb '80.
Going for the One.
(Cover by Hipnogis).


YES 7 March '80- Dec'80.

Trevor Horn - bass- vox & producing,
Geoff Downes - keyboards (both came from the BUGGLES '79).
Steve (without Jon!),
Hugh Padgham - Engineer (Drama),
Roger Dean - covers.


This two albums were disappointed, but they hit back with;

YES 8 Jun '83- Sept '88.
Classic Yes (a best of),
90125 and 90125 live,
Big Generator.

Alan White,
Chris Squire,
Tony Kaye,
Trevor Rabin,
Jon Anderson,
Trevor Horn - producer.

Then the Great Ice-Period started until '88. In the meantime Asia was formed, a project of Geoff Downes and Steve Howe.


Bill (again),
Rick (again) and
Steve, with;
Tony Levin - bass,
Milton McDonald - guitar,
Julian Colbeck - keyboards (he worked with Steve Hackett).
Carol Kenyon (vocals),
Tessa Niles.

Dialogue or We Make Believe (bootleg '90).
This is a bootleg album originally intended as the second ABWH album, sometimes called Dialogue or We Make Believe. It mostly consists of demos made by Jon Anderson. Some material was later developed into songs for the Union album.
Songs you can find @
YouTube, where else?

Jon Anderson- Vocals
Steve Howe- Guitars, Vocals
Rick Wakeman- Keyboards Bill Bruford- Drums
Tony Levin- Bass, Chapman Stick

YES 9 '91.

Alan White - drums,
Chris Squire - bass,
Tony Kaye - keys,
Trevor Rabin - gtr/vox,
Jon Anderson - vox,
Rick Wakeman- keyboards,
Bill Bruford - drums and
Steve Howe - guitar, with the producers
Jonathan Elias,
Billy Sherwood &
Eddy Offord and sessions by;
bass Tony Levin,
Jim Crichton - keys (Saga),
Jonathan Elias,
Steve Porcaro percussion (Toto),
Jerry Benneth &
Allan Schwarzberg, guitar.

YES 10
Talk (94);

Jon - vocals,
Trevor - guitar, keys, vox and prod.,
Chris - bass, vox,
Tony - keys & hammond,
Alan - drums.

YES 11
The Keys to Ascension (96), (97),

Jon Anderson,
Steve Howe,
Chris Squire,
Ricky Wakeman &
Alan White.

YES 12
Open Your Eyes (97);

Jon Anderson - Vocals
Steve Howe - Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Guitar (Steel), Vocals
Chris Squire - Harmonica, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Roger Dean - Paintings, Lettering, Logo
Alan White - Percussion, Drums, Vocals
Joe Gastwirt - Mastering
Randy Nicklaus - Mixing
Steve Porcaro - Keyboards
Billy Sherwood - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Engineer, Mixing
Igor Khoroshev - Keyboards

YES 13
Something's Coming (98)

YES 14
The Ladder 1999;

Jon Anderson - Vocals
Steve Howe - Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin, Guitar (Steel), Vocals
Chris Squire - Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Alan White - Percussion, Drums, Vocals
Bruce Fairbairn - Producer
George Marino - Mastering
Billy Sherwood - Guitar, Vocals
Tom Colclough - Sax (Alto)
Mike Plotnikoff - Engineer, Mixing
Igor Khoroshev - Keyboards, Vocals
Paul Silviera - Engineer
Steve Hennessy - Artwork
Tom Keenyside - Piccolo, Sax (Tenor)
Marguerita Horns - Horn
Rod Murray - Trombone
Neil Nicholson - Tuba

YES 15
Live in the House of Blues ('00).

Jon Anderson,
Steve Howe,
Chris Squire,
Billy Sherwood,
Alan White,
Igor Khoroshev.

YES 16.

Magnification is the new album and was released in September 2001. Produced by Yes and Tim Weidner. The album uses an orchestra, arranged and conducted by Larry Groupé, who describes himself as a "temporary mascot member". He will also be conducting local orchestras on tour.
They did a wonderful job in A'dam 21 November 2001!

Jon; vocals, midi and acoustic guitar,
Chris; bass and vocals,
Steve; acoustic and electric guitars, steel, mandolin and vocals,
Alan; drums, percussion, piano and vocals.
Tom Brislin; magnificent on keyboards (he played with Meatloaf and writes a monthly collom in Keyboard Magazine).
and of course the young people of the orchestra!

(That day was a wonderful day, in the morning i heard Wytcliff Jean on the radio with the cover; Wish You Were Here; i stepped in my car and there was an interview with Storm Thorgerson. A few blocks later i stopped next to a Volkswagen Pink Floyd Edition, with two lovely girls in it. I picked up colleague Ton and we hit the high-way, were some nice person did made a picture of us.. ;-| But what has it to do with Yes? I don't know it was just a great concert.)

There is a great DVD of the performance at the Heiniken Music Hall in Amsterdam.


In A Word: Yes (1969- ) ('02) a 5 disc complication:

on Anderson: Vocals

Trevor Horn: Vocals
Chris Squire: Bass and vocals
Patrick Moraz: Keyboards
Geoff Downes: Keyboards
Tony Kaye: Keyboards
Rick Wakeman: Keyboards
Alan White: Drums
Bill Bruford: Drums
Peter Banks: Guitars
Trevor Rabin: Guitars and vocals
Steve Howe: Guitars and vocals
Billy Sherwood: Guitars and vocals
Igor Khoroshev: Keyboards

They'll tour again in 2003. And they're (Please take a seat):

Jon Anderson,
Trevor Rabin,
Chris Squire,
Steve Howe &
Rick Wakeman.


In 2004 there is a new tour, even a festival in the Netherlands will be visit by Yes.

and a new unplugged DVD is out now.

The Word Is Live ('05)(live recordings from '71 till '98).

Jon Anderson: Vocals
Trevor Horn: Vocals
Chris Squire: Bass and vocals
Patrick Moraz: Keyboards
Geoff Downes: Keyboards
Tony Kaye: Keyboards
Rick Wakeman: Keyboards
Alan White: Drums
Bill Bruford: Drums
Peter Banks: Guitars
Trevor Rabin: Guitars and vocals
Steve Howe: Guitars and vocals


Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe in 2007
New Release.
Voiceprint is proud to announce the release of a limited edition DVD from progressive rock supergroup, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe. The DVD, entitled An Evening of Yes Music Plus, will be released in limited Digipak packaging, complete with booklet and original artwork from Roger Dean. The package, which had been available on VHS for only a short time back in 1994, will contain two discs; disc one features the live concert, while disc two is a limited edition bonus containing In The Big Dream, which was originally available only on VHS in 1989. In The Big Dream features footage of the band recording its self-titled album, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, as well as rare video spots and shorts. The bonus disc also sports contemporary interviews from the period, and will only be available as part of the limited edition package. Once the initial limited edition of 2,000 copies are sold, the package reverts to single disc package in a DVD box without the In The Big Dream. Jon Anderson, Bill Bruford, Rick Wakeman and Steve Howe will personally sign the first 1,000 copies of the Limited Edition double-DVD package. bonus material. What's more...

In addition to the long awaited video re-release of An Evening of Yes Music Plus, Voiceprint is proud to announce the simultaneous release of An Evening of Yes Music Plus in CD form. The audio has been beautifully restored, and will also be available as a Digipak package. The An Evening of Yes Music Plus CD package includes a bonus track not previously available on the European edition of the original album, and the track order has also been re-structured to reflect the true concert set list, including the missing track I've Seen All Good People.

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe – An Evening Of Yes Music Plus [DVD] (2007).

Disc One: Benjamin Britten's Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra, Jon Anderson Solo: Time And A Word/Teakbois/Owner Of A Lonely Heart, Steve Howe Solo: Clap/Mood For A Day, Rick Wakeman Solo: Gone But Not Forgotten/Catherine Parr/Merlin The Magician, Long Distance Runaround, Birthright, And You And I, I've Seen All Good People, Close To The Edge, Themes, Brother Of Mine

Disc Two: The Meeting, Heart Of The Sunrise, Order Of The Universe, Roundabout, Starship Trooper, Bonus Feature: In The Big Dream Read a great review at DPRP.



Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman toured in winter 2010/ 2011.
And performed solo aswell a lot of Yes songs.
Welcome back Jon! More news announced soon.
Check out more or hot news at www.rwcc.com.
Meanwhile Howe, Benoit, David and Oliver Wakeman have been touring in the States with Peter Frampton.
They are working on a new album, which will be recorded after Steve's duties with Asia are completed.

New tour without Jon! (2008)
Plans for a new Yes line-up: Chris Squire, Steve Howe and Alan White are arranging a new line-up of Yes with Oliver Wakeman (keys) and Benoît David (vocals). The band plan to tour North America towards the end of this year, with a break in early 2009 given Howe's prior commitments to Asia, and then further Yes touring in other markets.

Jon Anderson has posted an official statement responding to the news of the upcoming Yes tour without Jon Anderson on his website:
Disappointed, and very Disrespected.

Disappointed that, with the exception of one phone call from Alan, none of the guys have been in touch since my illness, just to find out how I am doing, and how we will foresee the future for YES. And disappointed that they were not willing to wait till 2009 when I’m fully recovered.

And I feel very disrespected, having spent most of this year creating songs and constant ideas for the band, spending time with Roger Dean creating a stage design, also working with VH1 and Sirius and XM Radio to help promote the welfare of YES.

Getting sick was not "on my radar”, and I thank my own angel Janeee and my family for helping me through this difficult time, and the many well wishers, friends and fans alike, for understanding that ''things happen''.

Of course I wish the guys all the best in their 'solo' work, but I just wish this could have been done in a more gentlemanly fashion. After all YES is a precious musical band.

This is not YES on tour...

I send best wishes to one and all,

Jon Anderson

Yes live ('08 -'09):

Steve Howe,
Chris Squire,
Benoit David and
Oliver Wakeman.

*David Benoit: has a great voice and very similar to Jon Anderson. We can hear David also in Mystery, Once among the Living ('10), with Daryll Steurmer (Genesis-live), Oliver Wakeman, John Jowitt, drums by Steve Gagné and responsable for the writing and guitars and keys; Michel St-Pére.

NEWS April 2011:
Quintessential prog-rockers Yes have announced that they have reunited with legendary producer Trevor Horn for their highly anticipated new album, “Fly From Here”. The album marks the band’s first studio album in ten years.

The album originated from a conversation between Horn and Yes bassist Chris Squire, who re-discovered the song ‘Fly From Here’ and realized that it had never been recorded in a studio. “Chris and I were talking one evening about the song ‘Fly From Here’ that we never recorded,” explains Horn. “I said I was prepared to spend two weeks with Yes recording that song. When I arrived in America to record it, I was taken prisoner by the band and only allowed my freedom again in return for producing the whole album. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse!”

An interview with Squire: here!

Fly From Here July 2011.

Benoit David on vocals (his first studio recording with YES)(Sings in Mystery to, nowadays with Nick D'Virgillo,
Steve Howe on guitars/vocals,
founder Chris Squire on bass/vocals,
Geoff Downes on keyboards and
Alan White on drums.
Roger Dean; art work &
Trevor Horn: producing.

01. Fly From Here – Overture
02. Fly From Here – pt I – We Can Fly
03. Fly From Here – pt II – Sad Night At The Airfield
04. Fly From Here – pt III – Madman At The Screens
05. Fly From Here – pt IV – Bumpy Ride
06. Fly From Here – pt V – We Can Fly
07. The Man You Always Wanted Me To Be
08. Life On A Film Set
09. Hour Of Need
10. Solitaire
11. Into The Storm

Fly From Here was released in 4 different configurations: cd, cd plus a bonus DVD including a documentary “Making of the Album” in digipak edition, a gatefold vinyl and a Special Box set limited edition including the cd, DVD, vinyl, t-shirt, poster, sticker and a lithograph of the cover art.

For more official YES news and information, go to http://www.yesworld.com/

Review of Nijmegen 2011.

Sound bites @ Amazon.
YouTube sound bites and talks.


Frontier’s Records are to release a new Yes Live 2CD/DVD package on 29th November in North America and 2nd December in Europe. In The Present – Live From Lyon was recorded in December 2009 and features Benoit David, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Alan White and Oliver Wakeman…

Official trailer

NEWS Feb 2012:
YES Recruit New Singer; Jon Davison!
Prog rock band YES were forced to cancel the last 3 shows of their European Tour in December due to the illness of lead vocalist Benoit David who has still not recovered. To avoid disappointing their fans on the forthcoming Australasian leg of their world tour, they have found a replacement singer.

Jon Davison will join YES as lead vocalist for the upcoming dates in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, and Hawaii. YES really appreciate Jon Davison joining them for this leg of the tour and are sure this arrangement will satisfy all YES fans.
Jon is member of Glasshammer ('11-12).


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