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Bass, stick, vocals and bold first with John Taylor (in the 60-ies) and after that in King Crimson and Projekct Two. Friend of Peter Gabriel and of course playing with him.

Session for:

Alice Cooper ('75-'76),
Paul Simon ('75-'80),
Cher (Cher),
Ringo Starr ('77),
tony Al di Meola (Scenario),
Art Garfunkel ('78),
Robert Fripp (Exposure;'79),
John Lennon ('80), Yoko Ono ('81),
Mark Knopfler (Local Hero '83, and Screenplaying '93),
Dire Straits ('85),
Warren Zevon ('87, '02),
Frida (Shine),
Brian Ferry ('85),
Pink Floyd ('87),
Carly Simon ('87),
Robbie Robbertson ('87, '89),
Richard Thompson ('88),
Tim Finn ('89 & live ),
Stevie Nicks ('89),
Laurie Anderson ('89),
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe ('89),
Claudio Baglioni ('90 & '92), Richi Samborra ('91),
Yes (Union '91),
Michelle Shocked ('92),
Tracy Chapman ('92),
Eros Ramazottie ('93 live & in '98),
Les Paul tribute, on stage with David Gilmour,
Indigo Girls ('94),
Jules Shear ('94),
Paula Cole ('94 - '06),
Joan Armatrading ('95),
Healing Sixes (with a beautiful cover of Storm Thorgerson),
Steve Hackett ('97),
Seal (live '98),
Asia (2001).
Herbie Mann ('01),
Magellan ('02),
David Bowie ('02),
Steve Adelson (Answer's Inside '02),
The California Guitar Trio - CG3 + 2 (also with Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson '02),
Steve Ball (Knotwork '03),
Jon Durant (Things Behind the Sun '04),
Sarah McLachlan (Afterglow '04),
Kevin Parent (Ferland - le petit roi '04),
Susan Robkin (Surfacing to Breathe '04),
Veronica Lock (Come un satellite che va '04),
Susanna Parigi (Indifferenza '04 ),
Carl Hupp Project (Hyperstatue '04 ),
Anthony Curtis (Book of the Key '04),
Simon Apple - River To The Sea ('04),
Rachel Z. (Everlasting '04, she played with Peter Garbiel),
The California Guitar Trio, (White Water),
Steve Thorne ('05 & '09).
Steve Howe ('05). Jon Durant, (Things Behind the Sun),
Jim Weider, (Percolator),
Bari Koral, (Confessions of an Indiegirl),
Gap Mangione, (Family Holidays (x-mas songs) '04),
Deacon Blues (pete Levin '06),
Eros Ramazzottie ('07),
Peter Kater (Faces of the Sun '07),
Randy Vanwarner ('07),
California Guitar Trio (Echoes '08),
Donna Lewis (In the Pink '08),
London Cowboys ('08),

Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree '09)

U-Z (Eddie Jobson) live ('09).

Slow Electric features Tim Bowness (No-Man), Peter Chilvers (Eno's current chief musical collaborator) & Estonian jazz duo Uma - Robert Jürjendal & Aleksai Saks, with Tony Levin on bass, mixed by Andi Pupato.
L'Image (Mainieri/Bernhardt/Spinozza/Levin/Steve Gadd) (2010)

Malcolm Moore: vocals, drums, percussion
Tony Levin: bass, Chapman stick
Alex Kelley: guitar
Dario and the Clear (Tattooed Prophet '11 with Jerry Marotta (drums with Peter Gabriel and and)
Brooke Ramel "For You" ('11), the CD is produced by Grammy Award winning guitarist and producer Will Ackerman, and features world-class musicians Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, James Taylor, John Lennon), Jeff Pevar (Crosby Stills & Nash, Marc Cohn, Ray Charles), and Aaron Sterling (John Mayer).
The D Project ('11) Featuring special guests Tony Levin, Lalle Larsson, Bartek Kossowicz, Claire Vezina. Mastering by Andy Jackson.

And many more, he even played with Panbanisha and with Kanzi; two Bonobo Apes, Peter Gabriel was of course there...



World Diary ('96) world-music:

Shankar (violin),
Bill Bruford,
Jerry Marotta,
Manu Katche- drums.

Pieces From The Sun (2002)
Larry 'Synergy' Fast plays a large role on Tony Levin's new album Pieces From The Sun. After Waters Of Eden it is the second album on which Levin works with Fast. Jerry Marotta is present on this album with his drums, "Dog One" is a song written by Peter Gabriel. The instrumental music on the album ranges from King Crimson/Peter Gabriel-like experimental rock, to jazzrock and symphonic music. A version of Synergy's Phobos from the album Cords has been added, as well.


Other projects are: Bruford Levin (Upper Extremities), Steve Gorn, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta (From the Caves of the iron Mountain, live + video). You can hear what his roots are; Krimson, Gabriel a little funk and jazz.
In '97 you could find him with the two police-men Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland on a few jazz-festivals.
Liquid Tension is a project from '98: John Petrucci, Mike Portnov- drums (both from Dream Theater) and Jordan Rudes - keys (Jordan plays now for Dream Theater).
Liquid Trio Experiment - Spontaneous Combustion ('07) a jam session, no more no less!
Tony Levin - Bass
Mike Portnoy - Drums
Jordan Rudess - Keyboards

In '98 also Black Light Syndrome: Steve Stevens and Terry Bozzio. B.L.U.E. Bill Bruford, David Torn- guitar and Chris Botti- trumpet. In that same year he tours with Seal. End '99 begin '00 he works his old buddy's from the post-Gabriel-period; Larry Fast, David Marotta & David Sancious.

Tony Levin Band: Little under a month ago (november 2002) the Tony Levin Band released the live album Double Espresso. The double album contains original compositions as well as covers by Genesis, King Crimson and Peter Gabriel among others.

Larry Fast: Synth
Jesse Gress: Guitars
Jerry Marotta: Drums, vocals, guitars
Tony Levin: Basses, Stick, vocals

And Guests:
The California Guitar Trio -
Bert Lams, Hideyo Moriya,
Paul Richards: acoustic guitars
Doug Stringer: Drums
Pete Levin: Keyboards

Tony Levin: Prime Cuts (april '05) showcases Tony’s Magna Carta collaborations with musical greats such as Terry Bozzio, Steve Stevens, John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy and Jordan Rudess. Tony Levin track exclusive to this CD; Previously unreleased Bozzio Levin track on CD.
Bonus MP3: previously unreleased Bozzio Levin Stevens track, "Roadside America Medley" from "Black Light Syndrome" Sessions. Bonus Audio: 16 minute audio interview with Tony.


Tony Levin (basses, Chapman stick, vocals)

Jerry Marotta (drums, percussions, vocals),

Larry Fast (keys),

Pete Levin (keys, organ, vocals),

Jessie Gress (guitars, vocals).

Picture by Willem Klopper at www.willemklopper.nl.


Resonator ('06); new album with of course, Larry Fast, Jerry Marotta, Jesse Gress and Pete Levin.
Tony Levin:
" This music is different that what I've offered before, in that it's got vocals and lyrics on 8 of the 10 compositions. But it'll also be a little familiar to listeners of my previous releases in that my writing is (hopefully) distinctive, and I use the players in my band a lot.
With the lyrics I've tackled some deep subjects, though sometimes humorously. And the instrumentals (including a heavy rock version of Khachaturian's Sabre Dance) are pretty rocking.
I really think it's my best writing ever, and am excited to get it out to the public. "


Stick Man ('07):
"Stick Man is a step in a new direction for me. Or perhaps in an old direction, because, from what listeners are telling me, it's come out quite Crimson-like. That could be because of the great participation by Pat Mastelotto on drums a nd percussion - also I was aiming at more raw, playing-oriented tracks. Backing off from the composition based writing I'd done recently, I've tried to feature not only both sides of the Stick, but some unusual bass techniques and sounds. There are a lot of tracks, (17) and it's mostly instrumental (especially if you consider my shouting not to be a song!) Oh, and we've decided it'd be nice to have me autograph the DGM pre-orders (and in fact I'm holed up in Cape Cod doing that right now -- nice to put the pen down and type a bit!) so if you pre-order, you'll have that, fairly legibly, on your CD! Hope to see you at a concert this coming year." - Tony Tony Levin – bass, Chapman Stick, elektronische cello and more; vocals;
Pat Mastelotto – drums;
Scott Schorr – keys, percussion;
Chris Albers – gitaar;
Tim Dow – percussion.

Levin Torn White ('11):
Album with Scott Schor on keys.





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