Magalhães, Fernão de (Fernando de Magallanes) (Saborosa ca. 1470 - Mactan, Filippins, 27 April 1521), Portugese navigator and scientist.

Progressive metal band from N.California, formerly called "Streamline". Reminding to Yes, Kansas, Dream Theater & Rush. Hour of Restoration (91) is theire debut-album. During Impending Ascension the band had only three members:

Trend Gardner - lead vocals/keyboards,
Wayne Gardner - guitars/vocals and
Hall Stringfellow Imbrie - Bass/vocals with a guests called;
Doane Perry of Jethro Tull - drums on "Waterfront Weirdos,"
Hope Harris - backing vocals.

They all have conections with the Explorers Club.

Hundred Year Hood ('02) is an album with only three long tracks about the brother of Trent who lost his life in the Vietcong- war ('66).

Trend Gardner - lead vocals/keyboards,
Wayne Gardner - guitars/vocals and
Joe Franco - drums,
Ian Anderson - flute (Jethro Tull),
Tony Levin - bass,
Robert Berry - guitar & bass,
George Bellas - guitars.

Impossible Figures is their an album with influences of Rush ('03).

Symphony For A Misanthrope will be the new release of 2005.




Leonardo, the absolute man ('01):
A nice symphonic epos about Leorndo DaVinci. Highlights are the instrumental pieces and the songs with James Labrie, Lisa Bouchelle and Michelle Young.

Trent Gardner Keyboards and Trombone
Wayne Gardner Guitar
Jeremy Colson Drums
Patrick Reyes Guitar
Steve Reyes Bass
Joe Franco Drums and orchestral percussion
Luis Maldonado Guitar and bass
James LaBrie (Dream Theater, Mullmuzzler)
Davey Pattison (Gamma, Robin Trower)
Michelle Young (Solo & Glass Hammer)
Josh Pincus (Ice Age)
Lisa Bouchelle (Mastermind, October Baby)
Mike Baker (Shadow Gallery)
Robert Berry (3 with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer)
Steve Walsh (Kansas)
Chris Shryack (Under The Sun)
Bret Douglas (Cairo)

Trent has recorded a theme song for the American Football team the Oakland Raiders. Robert Berry (3, Asia, GTR) provided guitar and bass.



Trent ans Wayne appeared on Mullmuzzler: Keep It To Yourself ('99), a project of James LaBrie.

Steve Walsh has a solo-project with which Trent Gardner has helped him with. The title of the album is: "Glossolalia". Performing artists on the album are: Steve Walsh (Kansas): vocals and keyboards, Trent Gardner: keyboards and vocals, Virgil Donati (Planet X): drums, Page Waldrop: acoustic and steel guitar, Jim Robers: organ, David Manion: keyboards, Wayne Gardner: guitar, Mike Slamer (Streets): guitar, Billy Greer (Kansas): Bass, Steve Brownlow: Guitar.

James Murphy - "Feeding the Machine". James Murphy must have liked working with Trent Gardner on the Explorer's Club album, because he invited Trent to do some work on HIS solo album.

On The December People, a solo project of Robert Berry, Trent helped out on two tracks.




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