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Picture by Willem Klopper, De Boerderij May 2006.
A live review and more pictures..

Interview with Clive Nolan April 2012.
A short interview (Jan '11)

Interview with Michel Scheijen (Jan '09)
A live review on this site (Oct '08).
Interview with me (sept '08)

Interview with: Nick Barrett at DPRP.
On this section you can find some news too,
a review and interview.

Pictures live 2006.

Tour dates for 2012:

May 5th Leamington Spa, The Assembly, UK....tickets on sale soon www.leamingtonassembly.com
May 12th The Boerderij, The Netherlands De Boerderij Zoetermeer.

And a new DVD, read more here below.

the Symfo-band in the footsteps of Marrilion. But in the meantime they became really Proggy in true meaning of the word "Prog".

Fudge Smith- drums,
Peter Gee- bass,
Nick Barrett- vocals and guitar (Most influential album: Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon" blew him away and still does. ),
Clive Nolan- vocals and keyboards.

Their debut-mini-album is from '84; Fly High fall Far, with Simon Claw on bass, a year later replaced by Peter Gee; The Jewel. In '86 they made a live album; 9:15. KowTow is an successful album from '88.
The World ('91 and very floydian), The Window of Live and Fallen Dream and Angels are the albums who must prove that they are proggers who'll survive. And they become know in Europe, in The Netherlands they've more success; Utrecht… The final Frontiers ('95).
Tracy Hitchings and Tina Riley are doing some backing vocals on the Masquarade Overture ('96, with an excellent cover). In the meantime more best of and bootleg-albums are coming out.
Not of this World ('01) is a warm very enjoyable comfortable album. They stayed loyal to their own musical principles with influences of Pink Floyd, Camel, Arena ;-).

They did a great gig in Verviers Route66 25 November 2001! The first concert in Belgium ever. They had fun and we had fun too, they came three times back on stage ... Martin Orford and Gary Chandler (Jadis) did a good support act.

Two new titles will see the light of day in April 2002. The first is the DVD version of the Live At Last video, containing the registration of a gig in Poland on the 1996 Masquerade Tour. The second new release is an acoustic album recorded at Radio 3 Warsaw, Poland on the 2001 tour, entitled Acoustically Challenged. To promote these two new releases, Pendragon will embark on a short European tour in May.

The Jewel remastered is in the stores in May 2005.

Nick Barrett has delivered an excellent new album called Believe, release date August 29 2005.

Believe ('05).

There were plans to make a limited edition initial release of Believe, which will include a free DVD of rare concert footage, extracts from the recent Progeny London Astoria show, studio diaries, extra bits of music, chit chat and general life in Pendragon world. It's just shot on a home video recorder but lots of good and interesting bits! But because of production problems and a time schedule it wasn't possible to get it ready on time. But there's good news, you can download some stuff at their site.

Nick Barrett: vocals, guitars,
Peter Gee: bass,
Clive Nolan: keyboards,
Fudge Smith: drums with

Karl Groom (co-producer and engineer) and
Rob Audrey (mastering, he works with Jadis and IQ too).

Tracklist: :

1. Believe 2:57
2. No Place For The Innocent 5:36
3. The Wisdom Of Solomon 7:07
4. The Wishing Well 21:07
  a. for your journey 4:31
b. so by sowest 6:48
c. we talked 5:29
d. two roads 4:19
5. Learning Curve 6:38
6. The Edge Of The World 8:20


believe: 1st bit of the artwork
believe: 2nd bit of the artwork
believe: 3rd bit of the artwork

Artwork is by Simon Williams again, but as you see from our piece by piece jigsaw above, it is quite different from previous albums, it has a darker and slightly more edgy feel to it but the appeal is still very strong. Inside the booklet are more pictures from Simon all done as tattoos.

The Music by Nick B./ interview.

[Nick B.] "I really started hammering away at the writing around last October, so relatively speaking this has been a very quick album to make, the delay upto then was caused by lack of money, borderline bankruptcy [took me 2 years to sell my house...ouch!].

I was really looking for something in music that excited me again over the last couple of years and was on a bit of a musical quest and I think I have found it now with this album. There are a lot of samples of vocal sounds and weird Asian instruments. A lot of the songs were written on guitar so the whole direction feels fresh and new.
Over the next few weeks I'll do a more indepth run down on all the songs."

Do the lyrics have a deeper meaning?
[Nick B.] Er....yes;
The album is about not believing everything you read or see on TV or in the papers! I've always been very into spiritualism, philosophy, psychology etc, and my Mum asked me if I had read any books by David Icke, and I said, what the guy who claimed to be the Son Of God, she said yes! I said nahhhh... So I got some of his books and apart from the Son Of God thing, which I think he now is a bit embarrassed about, he was saying some incredibly interesting things about the world being not what we thought it was....I was gripped by these ideas, and started reading books by other authors like Graham Hancock, and to be brief there seemed to be a good case for the world being influenced by an alien presence and manipulation of the human race being herded into some kind of slavery and a New World Order taking over , and oddly enough many of the things Ike talks about have been true! I also read a lot about the Freemasons and the Knights Templar. We have been taught things that we take as absolute truths in school but did you know that Darwin , towards the end of his life had very serious doubts about his own theory of evolution, and started to suspect something more 'religious' was at foot, and that the Roman Catholic church only just acknowledged in the 1980's I think, that Galileo was right ...the world was not flat! I mean!!! 1980's!!!! Gee.. these guys need to get out more! Yes I think the human race has been taken for a right royal gaga ride! Believe is saying , question everything, believe nothing!

The Wishing Well?
[Nick B.] This song is about human conditioning...lets all get our humanness back!
Mmm I like that...
An other strong point is that you had the guts to make a change of direction. You could have made an "Not of this World Part Two".

[Nick B.] You mean Not Of This World Part Four!!! After the World, The Window, Masquerade and Not Of...all these albums were in a similar vein, the mould needed to be broken.

nick barrett
"The Dark Side" is still your favorite album?
[Nick B.] huh huh...one of them!!
You're quite young when it came out, was it love at first sight?
[Nick B.] Yes I was still at school, it was the first progressive album I heard, man that album has strong feelings for me, I guess I was 13/14 something like that!
Ya know 'that' feeling when you hear again maybe in your 30's or 40's , an album, that had a big impact on you in your teens, you are almost overcome with the emotion of it...it's almost too much..

Is there no album which came close?
[Nick B.] Yes: Trick Of The Tail, The Lamb, Moonmadness, these albums are NOT MUSIC, they are part of my soul!!!
Do you have still the regular edit of your favourite albums, or did you bought the surround sounding ones?
[Nick B.] Normal ones, I am not into different versions, with the extra pictures and booklets and photos and dvds and tin of beans and leather jacket! I'm too lazy to 'collect' music.
You never had the urge to play DSOTM at live gigs?
[Nick B.] Nahhh.....I'd like to do it...but for fun, there are already TOOOOOOOO many tribute bands! It kills your own credibility I think.
What is you favourite album of the 90-ies and of the new century? I'm curious... Arena, or something obscure... ???
[Nick B.]of the 90's Tears For Fears Seeds Of Love..........................maybe
the new century Steely Dan Two Against Nature.........................maybe

Any tour plans? I suppose you got a job besides making good music?
[Nick B.] No, I just do music and run the label, we are touring in May next year , I got a shed load of work to do to organise the tour, more promotion , talk, talk, talk about the band!!! Get some shows in Europe and South America and America and Canada And I have started working on a new album..hee hee.
I was gonna ask you , how on earth do Mostly Autumn manage to keep so busy, I understood they were with a label called Classic Rock , but don't they do it themselves these days? Who runs the label and promotes them?
I need to see this band live...see what they're all about!

Yes they've their own label nowadays and just like you they do it all by them self.
Nick, thanks and keep the ball rolling.

[Nick B.] I am...trying to keep the ball in the air!

Nick B.

Nick Barrett - vocals, guitar
Pete Gee - bass
Fudge Smith - drums
Clive Nolan - keys

Review of Believe.
A really nice album, but different. Clive does a step back, oh yes he's present with some fine keyboard tunes but he's more on the back ground giving Nick and his guitar all the room of the world. And if you are familiar with Nick excellent skills you will admit, that he's an excellent guitar player. So a lot of guitar work on this one.
The album didn't grab me at the first turn, the intro did and "No Place For The Innocent" was overwhelming. But after a few spins in my desk the songs have absolute made an good impression and stuck in my mind.
The Gaellic and Eastern voices and spoken words giving it all some magical, theatrical touch. I like that!
The album starts with a mysterious instrumental track Believe from almost 3 minutes. Gaelic voices, impressive guitar work, Clive doing a splendid job on the background. The use of a Talk Box (David Gilmour used it on Keep Talking too) underlines Nick Barretts love for Pink Floyd.
A sample pronounce "And now everybody on the dancefloor". Yes the man has humor too and song two kicks in:
No Place For The Innocent; "And do you believe in Darwins theory of evolution?" , sings Nick. He had some philosophical interests in the past, but I believe the last years he was able to dig deeper and he's more able to write it down. There are more levels and more points of view, don't believe everything when you hear it, try to dig deeper, that is what I hear. I like this sort of lyrics. But actually the lyric goes further: [Nick B.] There are people who think the world is being manipulated into a New World Order and has been heading this way since the dawn of time, eventually pushing mankind into slavery. If you're interested look for books of; David Icke and Graham Hancock.
Nice uptempo song with a catchy guitar riff and a good change of speed using the acoustic guitar.
The Wisdom Of Solomon was one of the growers of the album. Good guitar solo at the end.
The epic The Wishing Well consists of 4 songs, apparently the meaning of the lyrics is the gloom that brings them together. About a ship that search for humanity, you need some imagination for that.
The first is a spoken piece, a poem for your love I guess. Only accompanied by keyboards and Anglic voices. Maybe a bit slow and if you don't like Nicks voice i think you'll skip this one. I like his rough voice and I like such intro, it builds up the epic.
An acoustic guitar starts part 2 and together with part 3, they're songs in the vein of previous Pendragon albums; an astonishing intro, lyrics, chorus guitar solo, chorus, a turning point, change of the lyrics, (great lines), end section... marvelous. and the rhythmn section is really pulling of in part 3, together with some vocal gymnastics, vocoders, sound effects and a new sample machine. Turn up the volume of your speakers!
Learning Curve [Nick B.] Is about the last few years, I have been on a search, a mission , I wanted to find new good music, different things to put my passions into, things to believe in. I have developed stronger interests in many things like politics, economics, world history, religion, anything spiritual, my feelings on these things are now very intense. From impressive electric guitar rifs to flamenco and more acoustic guitar work, marvelous song.
The last track, The Edge Of The World is for the fan "Poland our Homeland" he sings. A person al look back, a urge to go on tour again.
A Pendragonesque ballad, with an explosive middle section, nice to end with.

[Nick B.] You come to a point you realize music is the most important thing in life.

I would say it has become a more Nick Barrett solo album then a classical Pendragon album. Passion, good lyrics, great rhythm team, screaming guitars, well crafted keyboardloops, the use of a lot af strange and adventurous samples it's all there. An other strong point is that he had the guts to make a change of direction. It's more guitar based. He could have made an "Not of this World Part Two". [Nick B.] You mean "Not Of This World Part Four"!!! "After the World", "The Window", "Masquerade" and "Not Of..." all these albums were in a similar vein, the mould needed to be broken.
But if you like Pendragon, you'll have to buy this original innovated album too, you'll not regret.
For me it will be one of the major releases of 2005 and it still grows.

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.


They had a very successful tour in Europe during the Spring & Summer 2006.

Pictures live 2006.


During the recent Believe tour Pendragon returned to the stage in Katowice, Poland where Nick Barrett and Clive Nolan recorded the recently released A Rush Of Adrenaline DVD. Naturally this was the site for a new DVD recording entitled And Now Everybody To The Stage. The DVD will be released through Metal Mind on 11 September 2006.

1. No Place For The Innocent
2. As Good As Gold
3. Guardian Of My Soul
4. Kowtow
5. The Wishing Well
6. The Edge Of The World
7. Nostradamus
8. The Dance Of The Seven Veils
9. Paintbox
10. Last Waltz
11. Breaking The Spell
12. Masters Of Illusion
13. The Black Knight
14. The Lost Children / Green Eyed Angel / Sister Bluebird / The Last Man On Earth
15. Am I Really Losing You?
Bonus video: The Progumentary - a home video recording

Pendragon - And Now Everybody To The Stage DVD
CD 1:
1. No Place For The Innocent
2. As Good As Gold
3. Guardian Of My Soul
4. Kowtow
5. The Wishing Well
6. The Edge Of The World
7. Nostradamus

CD 2:
1. The Dance Of The Seven Veils
2. Paintbox
3. Last Waltz
4. Breaking The Spell
5. Masters Of Illusion
6. The Black Knight
7. The Lost Children / Green Eyed Angel / Sister Bluebird / The Last Man On Earth
8. Am I Really Losing You?

Believe ('05) was a a big welcome change of direction of Nick Barrett and to my humble opinion an very good change. On "Pure" Nick and his buccaneers go a step futher in that direction.
What is different? Mmm a lot of things, but the new drummer really gives an power boost to this fine album. Scot Highman has played in some metal bands and on "Pure" he shows that on fine subtile way.
I must confess that the first 3 tracks were very impressive from the start, but the whole album didn't grabbed me at the begining. But that has changed ;-) and now the last two songs are one of my favourites...
The opening track, "Indigo", is a stomper, great riff and you hear just a great proggy heavy band. The song is very representative for the quality and overal sound of almost all of the tracks.
They used again some samples and did that on great way. Another great thing about Pendragon is that Nick is a great guitar player and he proves that a few times on this album. Maybe he isn't the best singer (anymore) but i like his almost spoken lyrics.
Peter Gee and legendary Clive Nolan are craftsmen who certainly made an add to this statement. And with Karl Groom behind the desk it became indeed became a statement of those 30 years old Rockers. (Neo-) Prog is still alive and worthed a buy! A must have for peole who like IQ, Marillion, the Reasoning, Riverside and all the old proggy stuff.
So don't download but just go to a decent shop and spent 18 euro's or whatever this little masterpiece will cost.
8+ / 10.

Pure will be released on vinyl aswell!!!
Around Feb 2010!


Nick Barrett - vocals, guitar
Pete Gee - bass
Scott Higham - drums
Clive Nolan - keys

Rod Crisp - harmonica on It's Only Me.

A live review on this site (oct '08).

Concerto Maximo DVD.

Pre-Order here!

"Concerto Maximo" DVD features 150 minutes of the band’s performance recorded on the 13th October 2008 in Wyspianki Theatre, an exclusive bonus video featuring interviews with the band members and behind the scenes footage, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, photo gallery and more!

DVD will be also available in two other formats: limited edition DVD+2CD and 2 CD digipak (limited to 1000 copies).

Please note that Concerto Maximo is due at the end of February 2009.


1. Walls of Babylon
2. A Man of Nomadic Traits
3. Wishing Well
4. Eraserhead
5. Total Recall
6. Nostradamus
7. Learning Curve
8. Breaking the Spell
9. Sister Bluebird
10. Shadow
11. The Freak Show
12. The Voyager
13. It’s Only Me
14. Masters of Illusion
15. King of the Castle
16. And We’ll Go Hunting Deer
17. Queen of Hearts

Also includes:

Photo gallery
Desktop images

March '09;

  • Interview with Nick Barrett is online too.



    Other News.

    Nolan/Barrett: had released their live DVD A Rush Of Adrenaline. It's an acoustic DVD filmed by a TV crew in Theatre Wyspianskiego in Katowice, Poland in June 2005. The quality is great and for just a 2 piece band shows off some pretty nifty camera work and a wide spectrum of material. The whole thing is recorded for all regions, on NTSC. Also it's 5.1 sound mix, so hopefully it will fee like you are really there!


    After The Storm Benefit Album for the Survivors of Hurricane Katrina (2005).
    With Camel, Mostly Autumn, Echolyn, Pendragon, Arjen Lucassen, IQ, Flower Kings, Neal Morse and a lot of others fine musicians.

    News May 2006.
    Fudge Smith left the band...
    Joe Crabtree, who has recently worked with David Cross from King Crimson, will be the new one in charge. We look forward to working with Joe and our eyes are now set to a brand new future!

    And Now Everybody To The Stage is the title of a the new DVD of Pendragon with some great bonus material ('10).

    Read a great review at DPRP.


    New dvd for 2012:
    Out Of Order Comes Chaos March 2012 on dvd and Blu-Ray.

    As previously announced Metal Mind Productions will release the brand new DVD. The Live DVD entitled "Out Of Order Comes Chaos” will be available in March 2012. It contains a show recorded in Katowice during the Polish leg of the tour promoting the band’s most recent album “Passion”. For the first time in their career live material will be released also on a Blu-Ray. The DVD and Blu Ray, as well as a 2 CD set will be available through the Pendragon website.

    Here is the final tracklist:

    dvd2012 1. Passion
    2. Back in the Spotlight
    3. Ghosts
    4. Not of this World
    5. Comatose
    6. If I Were the Wind
    7. Freakshow
    8. Empathy
    9. This Green and Pleasant Land
    10. Shane
    11. Feeding Frenzy
    12. Nostradamus
    13. Last Man on Earth
    14. Indigo
    15. Prayer
    16. Paintbox
    Bonus video:
    Interview with Nick Barrett and tour diary
    Photo gallery
    Desktop images



    Session, solo:


    Guitar on Peter Gee's Vision Of Angels ('97).

    He joined ProgAID, and did an amazing solo on his slide. Here you'll find a small interview with Nick Barrett.
    He'll be playing with Neo a new supergroup at The Rites of Spring Festival 2006.

    The Script; a all stars-ive band that played Marillions first album, complete ('08-'09);
    Nick Barrett (Pendragon) -guitars,
    Mike Varty (Credo) - keyboards,
    Ian Salmon (Arena) -bass
    Brian Cummings (Carpet Crawlers-Genesis Tribute band) - vocals &
    Mick Pointer (Arena)- drums.


    He'll be playing with Neo too, a new supergroup at The Rites of Spring Festival 2006.

    See his own page for more info of his sideprojects.



    Born - 6th March 1963
    Musical Background - Had piano lessons for a year at the age of 5. Then got my first guitar at about 9 or 10. Had 2 years folk guitar lessons. Got my first electric guitar at about 13. Had more piano lessons from age 14 to 16.
    Most influential album - "Moonmadness" by Camel was probably the most I listened to.
    My top three bass players - Jaco Pastorius (Weather Report), Richard Sinclair (ex-Camel) and Ralphe Armstrong (Jean-Luc Ponty's band).

    Heart Of David ('93): is his first solo album.
    Line up Peter Gee, Tracy Hitchings, Clive Nolan, Paul Wilson, Fudge Smith, Ian Salmon, Rik Carter, Richard West, Karl Groom, Nigel Harris, Uwe d'Röse, Tina Riley, Patrick Barrett, Nick Barrett, Daniel Bristow, Matthew Weeks, Iain Sullivan, Daniel Weeks, Steve Weeks, Trudy Morgan, Masie Thompson, Michelle Williams, Bisi Fajana, Nike Sofolawe, John Jackson, Michael Miller, Carlyle Felix, Sian Roberts, Stev Rispin, Tony Grisham.

    Mercy Train is an solo-project from '93 with;

    Karl Groom,
    Richard Burge- vocals,
    Richard West- keys (also in Shadowland and Threshold) &
    Nick Harradance- drums.

    In '97 solo with A Vision of Angels, bombastic symfo-rock, with influences of Steely Dan and Peter Green.

    Nick Barrett,
    Clive Nolan,
    Simon Clew- vocals,
    Steve Christey- drums (Jadis) &
    Tina Riley- vocals (Pendragon, Shadowland).

    "The Spiritual World" (October 2008):

    Steve Thorne - Vocals and Backing Vocals.
    Simon Clew - Vocals (on Track 16).
    Steve Christey – Drums.
    Peter Gee - Guitars, Basses and Keyboards.

    Produced and Engineered by Peter Gee, Rob Aubrey and Karl Groom.
    Mixed by Rob Aubrey and Peter Gee.
    Recorded at Bourne Lane Studios, Thin Ice Studios and Aubitt Studios.


    Session for:

    Jabberwockey ('98 - '01).
    Marked for Madness by Michelle Young.
    Rock of Faith by John Wetton.



    Bass in Landmarq and session for;

    Artimis (a project with Frank Zappa, John Martin en Kevin Coyne '73 (!!!)),
    Irv Mowrey ('79),
    Danyel Gerard (Live at Paris '78),
    Firewater ('84- '86).
    Michelle Young (2001).

    SCOT HIGHAM session for:
    Clive Nolans Alchemy (2012).

    Alan Reed (ex-Pallas) (Oct 2012).




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