Fairport Convention's Debut with:

Richard Thompson,
Ian Matthews, and
Simon Nicol on guitars,
Ashley Hutchings on bass,
Judy Dyble on vocals &
Martin Lamble on drums.

They made five studio albums — Fairport Convention (1968), What We Did on Our Holiday (released as Fairport Convention in the U.S.) (1968), Unhalfbricking (1969), Liege and Lief (1969), and Full House (1970) — and one live recording (Live at the L.A. Troubadour [recorded in September 1970, released 1976], reissued as House Full [1986]).
Fairport didn't reach their peak until Dyble was replaced after the first album in 1968 by Sandy Denny, who had previously recorded both as a solo act and with the Strawbs.
Matthews had left the band in early 1969, and Lamble (still in his teens) died in an accident involving the group's equipment van in mid-1969. That forced Fairport to regroup, replacing Lamble with Dave MattackS, and adding Dave Swarbrick on fiddle.
The Liege and Lief lineup didn't last long; by the end of the '60s, Ashley Hutchings had left to join Steeleye Span, replaced by Dave Pegg. More crucially, Denny was also gone, helping to form Fotheringay. Thompson was still on board for Full House (1970), but by the beginning of 1971 he too had departed, leaving Nicol as the only original member.
Denny would actually return to the group for about a year and a half in the 1970s, prior to her death in 1978; Nicol rejoined in 1976. Keeping track of Fairport's multitudinous lineup changes is a daunting task, and the group has coexisted on an erratic basis with the various other projects of the most frequent members (Nicol, Mattacks, and Pegg, the last of whom has played with Jethro Tull since the late '70s). They have played annual reunion concerts during the 1980s and '90s (sometimes joined onstage by Fairport alumni like Thompson), events that have turned into one of the most popular folk festivals in Europe. They've also released some albums of new material intermittently throughout the last couple of decades, mostly pleasant, unexceptional traditional-oriented outings that appeal primarily to diehards.

Richard Thompson is one of the most critically acclaimed singer/songwriters in the world; Ian Matthews made some interesting recordings as a solo act, and with Plainsong and Matthews Southern Comfort; Denny sang with Fotheringay, and released several solo albums, before her death; and Hutchings carried on the most traditional face of British folk-rock with Steeleye Span, the Albion Band, and the Etchingham Steam Band.

Fairport have kept going, on and off (mostly on), for the last 25 years, touring and performing frequently.


Back to Richard Thompson:
Born as Richard John Thompson on April 3 1949 at Ladbroke Crescent, Notting Hill, West-London Parents: John Thompson (1919 - policeman, originally from Scotland) and Joan Rawlins (1920).
Styles: British Folk-Rock, Contemporary and progressive Folk, Singer/Songwriter; Instruments: Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Dulcimer; Tones: Intense, Plaintive, Wistful, Ominous, Sad, Gloomy, Poignant, Witty, Acerbic, Organic, Literate, Melancholy....

In between sessions and dates supporting former Fairport mates Sandy Denny and Ian Matthews, Richard Thompson entered the studio to record his first record, Henry the Human Fly (1972), Two years later he married Linda Peters, who had appeared on Henry and The Bunch, and they perform together. They made albums almost every year till the splitt up.
He made thirdteen solo-albums till the mid '80-ies. Worked with Gerry Rafferty and Joe Boyd. In January 6 1985: Richard Thompson and Nancy Covey get married in Malibu.

Just a few albums: First Light '78:

Richard Thompson - vocals, guitars,
Linda Thompson - vocals,
Simon Nicol - guitars,
Neil Larson - keyboards,
Willy Weeks - bass (Steve Winwood, Peter Cetera and others),
Andy Newmark - drums,

Shoot of the Lights '82:

Richard Thompson - vocals, guitars,
Simon Nicol - guitars,
Dave Pegg - bass (Jethro Tull),
Pete Zorn - bass,
Dave Mattacks - drums,
The Watersons - backing vocals,
Joe Boyd - producer.

Hand of Kindness '83:

Richard Thompson - vocals, guitars,
Simon Nicol - guitars,
Dave Pegg - bass (Jethro Tull),
Dave Mattacks - drums,
Pete Zorn - bass & saxes,
John Kirkpatrick - accordion,
John Hiatt & Bobby King - backing vocals,
Joe Boyd - producer.

Amnesia '88:

Clive Gregson - Vocals ,
Richard Thompson - Dulcimer, Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals, Dulcimer (Hammer) ,
Fred Tackett - Guitar (Acoustic) ,
Christine Collister - Vocals ,
Mickey Curry - Drums ,
Jim Keltner - Drums ,
Alejandro "Alex" Acuña - Percussion ,
Mitchell Froom - Organ, Harp, Producer, Regal, Chamberlain ,
Tchad Blake - Engineer ,
Danny Thompson - Double Bass ,
Tony Levin - Bass, Stick ,
Philip Pickett - Bass, Recorder, Curtal, Shawm ,
Jerry Scheff - Bass ,
Aly Bain - Bass, Fiddle ,
John Kirkpatrick - Accordion, Bass (Vocal), Concertina, Vocals ,
Alistair Anderson - Pipe ,
Brian Taylor - Cornet ,
Tony Goddard - Cornet ,
Ian Peters - Euphonium ,
David Horn - Horn, Horn (Tenor) ,
Frances Kelly - Harp .

Throughout the '90s, Thompson maintained his fervent cult following and recorded three more solo albums for Capitol, including Mirror Blue (1994), the double-disc you? me? us? (1996), and Mock Tudor (1999), as well as working on Hard Cash (1990), a collection of songs inspired by a BBC documentary about the British working class, a soundtrack for the film Sweet Talker (1992), and a concept album about the industrial age (Industry [1997]) with bassist Danny Thompson.

You? Me? Us? ('96)

Richard Thompson - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals, Hurdygurdy ,
Simon Nicol - Guitar ,
Jim Keltner - Drums ,
Tchad Blake - Guitar, Producer, Engineer ,
Christine Collister - Vocals ,
Mitchell Froom - Keyboards, Producer ,
Jerry Scheff - Bass (Electric) ,
Pete Thomas - Drums ,
Terry Thompson - Vocals ,
Danny Thompson - Guitar (Bass), Bass (Acoustic) ,
Teddy Thompson - Vocals ,
and some more people.

Semi-Detached Mock Tudor (2002):

Richard Thompson - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocals,
Tom Dube - Producer, Engineer,
Michel Jerome - Drums,
Pete Zorn - Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin, Percussion, Sax (Alto), Sax (Baritone), Vocals, Sax (Sopranino),
Danny Thompson - Double Bass,
Teddy Thompson - Dulcimer, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric).

The Old kit Bag ('03):

Danny Thompson - bass,
Michael Jerome - percussion,
Judith Owen - vocals.



Albion Country Band Rise Up Like the Sun (1978) Vocals
Eric Andersen Memory of the Future (1998) Guitar (Electric)
Any Trouble Wrong End of the Race (1984) Guitar, Vocals
B.T. Express Non-Stop (1975), Energy to Burn (1976), Function at the Junction (1977), Shout! (1978), B.T. Express 1980 (1980);
Beausoleil Cajun Conja (1991)
Big Beat Combo Twangin' N' A-Traddin' (1995)
Kate Bush Collaborations Guitar, a bootleg
J.J. Cale 8 (1983, 1997)
John Cale Island Years (1996) Guitar, Slide Guitar
Danny Carnahan and Robin... Cut and Run (1995)
Michael Chapman Looking for Eleven (1980) Engineer
Shirley Collins No Roses (1971)
Shirley Collins & Dolly For As Many As Will (1974) Arranger
Christine Collister Blue Aconite (1997); Dark Gift of Time (1998) & Songbird (2000)
Shawn Colvin Fat City (1992) Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
Julie Covington Julie Covington Plus (2000) Guitar, Mandolin, Arranger, Vocals (bckgr)
Crowded House Temple of Low Men (1988) Guitar; Sister Madly [#1] (1988) & Bent in Gent (1999) Guitar
Julian Dawson Move Over Darling (1997); Spark (1999)
Sandy Denny North Star Grassman and the Ravens (1971); Sandy (1972); Like an Old Fashioned Waltz (1973); Rendezvous (1977); Who Knows Where the Time Goes [Box (1986)
Michael Doucet & Cajun... And Cajun Brew (1988) Guitar (Electric),
Nick Drake Five Leaves Left (1969); Bryter Layter (1970); (1986, 1986 & 1994)
Fairport Convention Fairport Convention [1st] (1968, 1969 3x, 1970,1972, 1973, 1985, 1986, Meet on the Ledge: The Classic...(1999)
Stephen Fearing Assassin's Apprentice (1993) Guitar (Electric)
Tim Finn Persuasion, Pt. 1 (1993) & Walk You Home (1995) Guitar (Electric)
French-Frith-Kaiser... Live Love Larf & Loaf (1987) & Invisible Means (1990) Guitar, Vocals
Amos Garrett I Make My Home in My Shoes (1989) Liner Notes
The Golden Palominos Visions of Excess (1985) & Drunk With Passion (1991)
Nanci Griffith Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back to... (1998) Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Gut String Guitar
Chris Harford & the First... Be Headed (1992) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar
Murray Head Voices (1981) Guitar (Electric)
Boo Hewerdine Baptist Hospital (1996) Guitar
Ashley Hutchings Guv'nor, Vol. 1 (1994) Vocals, Slide Guitar & Vol. 2 (1996) Guitar (Electric) & Guv'nor, Vol. 3 (1999) Guitar
Henry Kaiser Hope You Like Our New Direction (1991) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Vocals
Henry Kaiser Lemon Fish Tweezer: A History of... (1992) Artwork, Cover Design
John Klemmer Priceless Jazz (1999) Organ, Piano, Piano (Electric)
John Martyn Solid Air (1973) Mandolin, Violin, Autoharp & Sweet Little Mysteries: The Island (1995) Mandolin
Matthews' Southern Comfort Best of Matthews' Southern Comfort (1992) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Orphans & Outcasts, Vol. 1:... (1993) , If You Saw Thro' My Eyes/Tigers... (1993), Second Spring/Matthews Southern... (1996)
Cathal McConnell Long Expectant Comes at Last (2000) Guitar, Vocals, Sampling, Harmony Vocals, Lap Steel Guitar
Maria McKee Maria McKee (1989) Guitar, Mandolin
Ralph McTell From Clare to Here: The Songs of... (1996) Guitar
Steve Miller Band Anthology (1972) Organ, Piano
Morris On Morris On (1972) Arranger, Guitar (Electric), Vocals
Willie Nile Places I Have Never Been (1992)
P.W.A. National Mass Choir Tribute to the Bishops (1996) Soloist
Philip Pickett & Richard... Bones of All Men (1998) Guitar
Gerry Rafferty Night Owl (1979) Mandolin, The Best of... (1989) Guitar (Electric)
Bonnie Raitt Longing in Their Hearts (1994) Guitar (Acoustic)
Graeme Revell Chinese Box (1998) Piano
Spanky & Our Gang Change (1975) Arranger
Al Stewart Seemed Like a Good Idea at the... (1996)
Syd Straw Surprise (1989) Guitar (Electric)
Linda Thompson Dreams Fly Away (1996), Give Me a Sad Song (2001) Bass, Guitar
Teddy Thompson Teddy Thompson (2000) Guitar
Los Trios Disco Bolero (1999) Vocals & Joyas Del Bolero (2000) Voices
Suzanne Vega 99.9° F. (1992) Guitar
Loudon Wainwright III Fame and Wealth (1983), I'm Alright (1984), More Love Songs (1986) Guitar, Therapy (1989) Guitar, Mandolin
Jennifer Warnes Hunter (1992) Guitar (Electric)
Norma Waterson Norma Waterson (1996) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocals (bckgr)
Won Ton Ton Home (1991) Composer
Original Soundtrack Slam Dance (1987) Guitar
Original Soundtrack Room for Romeo Brass (2000) Arranger
Various Artists Cajun Spice (1989) Guitar (Electric)
Various Artists From the Heart of Studio A: The... (1998) Guitar, Vocals
Various Artists Fish-Tree-Water Blues (1999) Producer
Various Artists Philadelphia Folk Festival: 40th... (2001) Guitar, Vocals
and more complications





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