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  • New clip from Marillion: YouTube, tourdates!!!

  • Album cover revealed.
    The artwork for the books is being designed by lots of different artists including Antonio Seijas, Simon Ward and Andy Wright.
  • New song for download + more live tracks from NY: marillion.com/shop/.
    New song is called "Power" and another one "Lucky Man" will be online assap.


  • Marillion announces 3 weekends in 2013 + a lot of more tourdates.

  • The Netherlands 8-10 MARCH 2013
    MONTREAL 22-24 MARCH 2013
    UK 12-14 APRIL 2013
    Info www.marillionweekend.com/.

  • More tour dates.

    An interview with Pete is on line (from October 2009).

  • Fish- vocals till '88;
    Steve Hogarth- vocals from '89,
    Steve Rothery (25-11-59)-guitar,
    Mark Kelly (9-4-61)- keyboards,
    Pete Trewavas (15-1-59)- bass,
    Ian Mosly (16-6-53)- drums.
    Mick Pointer - drums (till medio '83)

    Great symfo-band in the footsteps of Genesis from Aylesbury, Scotland. The book Silmarillion of Tolkien (a fairytale for adults with a leading roll for Bilbo Ballings) is responsible for their name. They start in '79 to perform, a year later the group consisted of :

    Doug Irvine - Bass,
    Brian Jelliman - Keyboards,
    Mick Pointer - Drums,
    Steve Rothery - Guitar.

    In '81 the group has found his members and his style. Fish, John-William Dick, is the strong lead-singer who knows how to use his enormous body and his voice (a resemblance with Peter Gabriel is easy made) to make an act. End '82 an EP The Market Square Heroes 1 ep conquers each market place where they performed. Script for a Jester's Tear ('83) is the best debut album, made ever I believe. (Sorry Mike Oldfield). Whole Great Britain is lying on their feet. A mister Wilkinson is responsible for the great artwork; it's a shame that ceedees are so small!

    Fish - vocals
    Mark Kelly - keys
    Mick Pointer - drums
    Steve Rothery - guitar
    Pete Trewavas - bass

    Drummer and founder Mick Pointer leaves the group in May '83, followed very shortly by Andy Ward (Camel), John Marter, Johantan Mover (later in GTR with Steve Hackett) and then Ian Mosly (Steve Hackett, Trace).

    With Fugazi ('84) Europe is taken by surprise.

    Fish - vocals
    Mark Kelly - keys
    Ian Mosley - drums
    Steve Rothery - guitar
    Pete Trewavas - bass
    Chris Karen - percussion
    Linda Pyke - backing vocals @ Incubus

    Real to Reel ('84) is a good live-registration of the bands efforts.
    Brief Encounter ('86) is another EP. Bootlegs circulate in big amounts in the stores, with funny titles such as; Selling England for 5 cent.
    Misplaced Childhood ('85) contains the hit-single Kayleigh and a wider public is reached. On Clutching at Straws ('87) the group leaves the symfo-trail and the single Incommunicado is not a success.
    Fish - vocals
    Mark Kelly - keys
    Ian Mosley - drums
    Steve Rothery - guitar
    Pete Trewavas - bass
    John Cavanagh - voices on Torch Song
    Christopher Kimsey - backing vocals on Incommunicado
    Tessa Niles - backing vocals Warm Wet Circles en The Last Straw
    B-sides themselves ('88) is for all the audio fans who didn't had a all their bootlegs and remixes first singles on ceedee. When it's announced that Fish breaks with his lads the fans are disappointed.

    Steve Hogart (ex-Europeans) takes the roll as lead-singer, and it must be said he seems to satisfied a great part of the fans. Seasons End ('89) is an proof that the group will survive even without Fish. Holiday's in Eden ('91) is not selling well, followed by the strong concept album Brave ('94)(with a great rol for Steve Rothery). Strange Engine ('97) seems to be a highlight again and live they perform well. The other ceedee's don't reach the level of to be mentioned...
    John Wesly is their support-act from '92 till '98 and then he goes working with Fish! In the meantime Steve Rottery and Pete Trewavas do someAnorak session-work for/ with: Iris, The Wishing Tree, Arena and Hogarth makes an solo-album; The Ice Cream Genius ('97). A bunch of albums are made in the meantime: Brave, Afraid of Sunlight, Radiation and many best of albums.

    They like to follow the commercial music business with; Unplugged at the Walls ('99).

    Marillion.com is an disappointed album from '99. Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree) produced 5 songs of this site. Followed by three albums for the freaks; The single box, Fracted and a X-mas album.

    Anoraknophobia (2001) is a new album that will sell good.

    Steve Hogarth - voice, trainspotting, morris dancing, base jumping,
    Steve Rothery -guitars, car numbers, star trek,
    Mark Kelly - keyboards, fossil collecting, brass rubbing,
    Pete Trewavas - bass, stamp-collection, tv repairs,
    Ian Mosly - drums, ornithology, taxidermy.

    Robin Boult joined them on their tour, he swom before in the aquarium of Fish for years...

    A few dvd's came out: The Single Collection and Brave Live DVD.

    Marbles is the excellent (double) ceedee and more dvd's are seeing the daylight!



    The album Somewhere Else will be released on April 9th 2007 through the band's own Intact label.
    For me it's became a Steve H. solo album and think they really lost the tag "progressy Prog". This is an album with excellent spherical songs, mellow, chilly soundscapes, and there's nothing wrong with. And of course you can enjoy the great play of the band members, specially Steve Rothery does a few nice guitar tricks... So maybe I'm old grumpy Marillion-Fish-era fan and I shouldn't be so critical...

    The album was preceded by a single See It Like A Baby on 26 March 2007.

    Steve Hogarth - vocals, occasional piano, percussion,
    Steve Rothery -guitars,
    Mark Kelly - keyboards,
    Pete Trewavas - bass, occasional guitar, acoustic guitar on "Faith",
    Ian Mosly - drums,

    Michael Hunter - all sort of things while the band was out,
    Sam Morris - French Horn on "Faith",

    recorded, produced & mixed by Michael Hunter.



    MARILLION: are to release a 2DVD Extended edition of "Somewhere In London" in November this year ...
    Marillion - Somewhere In London DVD Filmed over the final two nights of the "Somewhere Else" album tour at the London Forum in June 2007. The DVD is directed and edited by Tim Sidwell (Bootleg Butlins, Something Else), the soundtrack is presented in in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound, mixed by Michael Hunter. This special 2 DVD Extended Edition is available exclusively from Racket Records, which includes the remaining songs played during the 2 nights at the Forum, plus a featurette of competition winners visit to and exclusive tour rehearsal footage from Marillion's Racket Club studio. Also included are 4 surround sound mixes of Somewhere Else album tracks.
    The tracklist is as follows:
    DVD 1:

    1. Splintering Heart
    2. The Other Half
    3. You're Gone
    4. No Such Thing
    5. Faith
    6. Thankyou Whoever You Are
    7. Fantastic Place
    8. The Wound
    9. A Voice from the Past
    10. Somewhere Else
    11. Man of a Thousand Faces
    12. Between You and Me
    13. King
    14. The Release
    15. Neverland
    Extended Edition DVD 2:

    1. Ocean Cloud
    2. Afraid of Sunlight
    3. Beautiful
    4. Most Toys
    5. Estonia
    6. Sugar Mice
    7. Easter
    1. The Last Century for Man
    2. Estonia
    3. Neverland
    4. Faith
    5. See it Like a Baby
    1. The Wound
    2. A Voice from the Past
    3. No Such Thing
    4. Somewhere Else
    In other news Marillion have given details of their "free to members" annual Christmas album - this year entitled Somewhere Elf! This year's edition contains Marillion's re-interpretation of the Christmas classic Let it Snow, recorded at the Racket Club in late September 2007. The remainder of the CD was recorded live at the Racket Club in April 2007 during a rehearsal for an live appearance on the Bob Harris show on BBC Radio 2. This is the first time any Somewhere Else tracks were performed live - and in this case, in front of a very limited invited audience of competiton winners. For full tracklisting details, go here.

    NEWS February 2008:
    News on the Marillion forum this week of a possible new Fish-era live box-set release on EMI. The box is to contain 7 CDs and a DVD, with new artwork by Mark Wilkinson.

    MARILLION: Marillion's 15th album has a title: Happiness Is The Road
    It has been announced that Marillion's "Album 15" will be called "Happiness Is The Road". It will consist of 2 separate CDs (full details on www.marillion.com/preorder). Volume 1 is subtitled "Essence" and Volume 2 is subtitled "The Hard Shoulder". Essence (Volume 1) is evolving at the moment into a thematic journey, whilst Volume 2 is more a collection of discrete songs. Recording is still going brilliantly and the new songs we've written have "knocked out" the few people we've played them to.

    A soundclip from the new song "Real Tears For Sale", and a podcast of Steve Rothery and Pete Trewavas talking about the new album, can be heard HERE.

    More soon..
    h, Pete, Mark, Ian, Steve

    NEWS June 2008;
    Marillion Weekend 2009:

    CenterParcs Port Zélande, Ouddorp, The Netherlands
    20th - 23rd March 2009


    Photo's by Bert Treep from IO-Pages.


    Photo's by Bert Treep from IO-Pages.

    Photo's by me ;-)

    The Friday night was for my friends from the Reasoning, chatting and having some beers...
    After seeing the Wishing Tree (with Steve Rothery) (nice ambient show) it was time for the Reasoning to support them, awesome! But i already knew tAT.

    Marillion Saturday evening.
    My last time i saw them was in the eighties and i saw them a lot then. But wen Hogarth came i lost interest. Sorry.
    But after i saw the live dvd from London, i was interested again and yep the last album "Hapiness is the road" is Top.
    Saw i witnessed a perfect show, great musicians who deliverd a perfect set. And even for me who didn't knew the songs it was high tea time. Hogart is good frontman and fills in his role with souplesse and some dramatical movements. Abslutely worthed to see and enjoy.
    Lightshow and sound was great, was really great.

    (All tracks written ~ not necessarily recorded ~ in year X)

    This Train Is My Life - 2008 Somewhere Else - 2007 Real Tears For Sale - 2006 State of Mind - 2005 < FIRST LIVE OUTING? The Damage - 2004 Genie - 2003 Drilling Holes - 2002 When I Meet God - 2001 Map of The World - 2000 Cathedral Wall - 1999 A Legacy - 1998 Estonia - 1997 An Accidental Man - 1996 Out of This World - 1995 Hard as Love - 1994 Lap of Luxury - 1993 No One Can - 1992 The Party - 1991 Butter My Thighs - 1990 (segued into...place went NUTS!) Slainte Mhath - 1987 encore Garden Party - 1981

    Montréal, Canada
    3rd - 5th April 2009

    Happiness is Cologne a new album, live, dvd?!?
    The band explains: "This is NOT a desk recording. If you were in Cologne, you may have noticed a large array of film cameras and crew at the show. The gig was professionally filmed and recorded to multi-track... 'Happiness is Cologne' is a fully-mixed (by Michael Hunter) live album audio companion to an upcoming live DVD from the same show!"

    More live cd's This Strange Convention live from 2007 (2 Disc Live DVD) ('09).

    The new live album art work from our Bert Treep:

    Disc 1
    This Train Is My Life
    Somewhere Else
    Real Tears For Sale
    A State Of Mind
    The Damage
    Drilling Holes
    When I Meet God
    Map Of The World
    A Legacy
    Cathedral Wall
    Disc 2
    An Accidental Man
    Out Of This World
    The Lap Of Luxury
    Hard As Love No One Can
    The Party
    Cover My Eyes
    Slainte Mhath
    Garden Party

    More pics from Bert at this spot:
    Marillion Weeend '09.

    Live in Heerlen 8th of October.
    The beautiful theater in Heerlen was loaded with a nice audience, average age 40+.
    For me it was the second show (including the Convention in Port Zelande) that i saw this band after Fish left. Ss no i'm not the most biggest fan, but things can change.
    The show was highly enjoyable, Steve H. made a lot of jokes and had a nice interaction with the crowd.
    The show was acoustic or as H. announced "we took the flesh from the bones, rearranged the bones and put the flesh back on". With so now and then Steve R. playing elletric guitar, Steve H. and Mark Kelly sometimes on keyboards. Indeed the songs were stripped and build up again and sounded really fabulous. Without the full electric sound the guys showed that they are good craftmen and understand their job. Althrough it was sometimes hilarisch to see how Pete touched his xylophoons and Steve H. was busy with his harp. Mark was busy with a kind of harp and clockspiel, but i didn't get the clue what he was doing really.
    Steve R. and Pete on acoustic guitars was really top, these two guys can play.
    Hope that the band will do more of these kind of small shows, because they have the power to interact on very open and funny way with the audience.
    I think they have a new re-born fan ;-)

    We did a long interview with Pete. So watch out this space.
    Will add photos this weekend. Here is a link to Photos B&W from Jaak Geebelen; excellent!

    Less is more ('09).

    Steve H. - vocals Dulcitone,
    Mark Kelly - piano, brushed autoharp, glockenspeil,
    Ian - drums, skulls,
    Steve - electric guitar,
    Pete - acoustic bass, xylophone,
    R.Hazelhurst - clockwork effects.

    Photo's by Jaak Geebelen.

    Marillion Holidays in Zélande 5 Disc Live DVD (2011).
    'Holidays in Eden Live 2011' is a 2CD live album featuring the audio from the Friday night of the Marillion weekend 2011.
    Discs 1, 2 & 3 can be Pre-Ordered from: www.marillion.com/shop/dvd/zelande-saturday.htm

    And the bands cataloge is filled with re_issues, elpees, dvd's, re-re-issues and more extravanganza.

    Marillion 2012 is a live recording, direct from the Mixing Desk at Irving Plaza, New York City, USA on 12 June 2012. And is available as download, including a new track "Power". Another track will be availalbe too and is called "Lucky Man".


    DeeExpus feat. Mark Kelly on Keyboards (2011).
    Mark Kelly has played keyboards on the DeeExpus album 'The King Of Number 33' available to Pre-order from the Racket Store now.

    John Dawson: bass
    Andy Ditchfield: vocals, guitar, bass, keys
    Marc Jolliffe: keys, bass
    Henry Rogers: drums (he went to play with
    Steve Wright: vocals
    Tony Wright: vocals
    Mark Kelly: keys
    Nik Kershaw: vocals/ Memo
    Sir Benjamin Kenneth Obe: words on King Of Number 33
    Gregg Pullen: cello on Maybe September
    Ainsley Wills: guitarsolo on Memo

    Mark plays with Edisons children (Pete Trewavas)(2012).

    Steve Hogarth
    Steve Rothery
    Pete Trewavas
    Ian Mosly
    Mick Pointer.





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