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John Wesley.

John Wesley aka Wes Dearth, is an American guitarist.
Wesley's 1994 first album, Under the Red & White Sky on Racket Records quickly sold out it's first pressing of 10,000 copies. With:

1 solo Mark Kelly,
Steve Rothery, &
Ian Mosly (the guys from Marillion)
and another few guys.

Made another 2 good selling solo-albums, the last one is called The Emperor falls ('98), on which we can hear Steve Hogarth on backing vocals. And he toured as opening act for Marillion (in '92, '93, '95, '96, '97 !).
He met Fish at the Hadding fan convention, organised by Miles Copeland. After that he did the opening act aswel he played as axeman with the bold scot.
On the Fellini-album ('01) of Fish he let us hear how he can play. And live he is great too.
At the end of 2001 a new album release is in progress.

Go to his site
and give him my regards.
This picture is from BosPop 2005, John in the middle & two lovely ladies ;-)
Sisters actually!

This a Quote from John Wesley, Sunday October 23, for you both:
"Hello girls! Happy Birthday!!!!
On tour in the US, coming back soon...let me know exactly which shows
you are coming too and I wil put you on the list for those shows as our
Birthday Present!!

Cheers!! WES "


He'll hit the road with Porcupine Tree at the end of 2002 and in 2005 again.
Hope he liked the food in the Mexican Restaurant ;-)
Was nice seeing and speaking to you again John!


John Wesley has release a live CD, containing acoustic material from his Chasing Monsters CD and some B-sides from singles (summer 2003).


Ten ('04). The CD is a celebration of 10 great years of music as well as an introduction to Wes' music for a whole new generation of John Wesley fans to be. "TEN" will include past studio tracks, a bonus live electric track of Waiting for the Sun to Shine and an ALL NEW DEMO MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS CD of a song to be on the forthcoming 2005 studio release.



Shiver - Behind The Music is his new release and will be available at his site and at the running Porcupine Tree show ('05).

OXford ('08).
An acoustic live album with Steve Rothery on 2 tracks; In Your Eyes (by Peter Gabriel) & Warm Wet Circles / Blue Angel / Lavender (by Marillion)!.

Download at his shop!.


Another John Wesley Band Performance.
Hi all, I have a new John Wesley Trio show date to let you know about. The John Wesley trio will be performing Feb 6th at Gasoline Alley in Largo, FL. The lineup that night will be:
Todd Grubbs (www.myspace.com/toddgrubbs)
Sisemore (www.myspace.com/sisemoreband )
John Wesley
The Family Jewels

Please visit this guy at his website and get some free downloads www.john-wesley.com.



And of course you can see his excellent guitar playing and singing at Porcupine Tree live DVD Arriving Somewhere.

More Pictures here.

May 2010:

Hi Everyone,
It has been a while since I have sent out an update and I wanted to touch base and let you all in on the latest news. The last year has been filled with so much -- between touring with Porcupine Tree, writing for my new album, and moving my recording studio -- I've had my hands quite full.
First off...I am going back on tour with Porcupine Tree for the summer festivals all over Europe. Check the link here for dates:
While out on tour, I've been posting regular updates on Twitter and Facebook. You can sign up to follow me on Twitter or Facebook for my (almost) daily tour updates here:

Next on the agenda is the continued progress of my next set of recordings. My plan is to release an initial 10 song set that consists of full band arrangements entitled, "disconnect". Work is taking place on this in between my heavy Porcupine Tree touring schedule and I hope to be finished by the end of the summer. So far, final drum and bass tracks are complete and I'm spending all of my time until the next Porcupine Tree touring leg tracking guitars.
As in my past releases, Mark Prator is on drums and Andy Irvine and Dave Wehner on bass. Also, I have been working with Dean Tidey, who has been on hundreds of records and spent the last ten years touring with the UK band "Feeder." Dean is producing my new songs and playing guitar as well. I'm very excited about this collaboration and I think the results will be worth the wait.
I have big plans for releases this year! This first set of 10 songs will be followed up by an EP (electric/acoustic) and another EP (all acoustic) by the end of the year. Additionally, I am in the process of mixing and mastering tracks from my performance at the 2009 Marillion Canadian Convention for a new download only release, which will soon be available in my download store. More information will be available about that soon!

Jon Wesley

New Mini Album Available, the lilypad suite (2011).
"The lilypad suite" is a six-song collection that was written over the last few years and recorded over the last few weeks here in Tampa at RedRoom Recorders.



Tracy LaBarbera, live in Florida as duo and with a band called The Slushpuppies,

Fish (since '99 many live gigs and at the Fellinie-album '01).

Tracy LaBarbera, live in Florida,

White Lion frontman Mike Tramp,

Gainsville's Sister Hazel,

Porcupine Tree (live 2001-2010).

Marillion (live '04 tour).

Flower Kings (live tour '08 US).

Million Dollar Wound ('09), a band formed by Steve Vantsis: Tilt.

Paul Dourley; Vocals
Steve Vantsis; Bass, guitars, keys, loops, programming (Fish)
Dave Stewart; Drums, percussion (Fish)
Robin Boult; Guitars, acoustic guitars (Fish)
John Wesley; Guitars
Irvin Duguid; Synths, piano
Frank Usher; Guitars, guitar solo (Fish)
Nick Robertson; Acoustic guitars

Sun Domingo (Live at The Marillion Convention/ Montreal 2009 + "PIECE EP" ('10))

Sun DomingoSun Domingo (2011).



Go to John Wesley to have look at the official site.
With fre downloads like the emotional track "Thanks Giving".


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