This quartet was formed in October 1968 by the British guitarist Jimmy Page (James Patrick Page, 9 January 1944, Heston, Middlesex, England) following the demise of his former band, the Yardbirds. John Paul Jones (John Baldwin, 31 January 1946, London, England; bass/keyboards), a respected arranger and session musician, replaced original member Chris Dreja. Robert Plant (20 August 1948, West Bromwich, West Midlands, England) was, then frontman of struggling Midlands act Hobbstweedle, the secound choice for a singer (first was Robert Berry). Robert Plant in turn introduced drummer John Bonham (31 May 1947, Birmingham, England, d. 25 September 1980). The quartet jelled immediately and having completed outstanding commitments under the name 'New Yardbirds', became Led Zeppelin following an off-the-cuff quip by the Who's Keith Moon, who remarked when rating their prospects that they would probably go down like a lead Zeppelin.
With their debut album called Led Zeplin they became the band who introduced the term heavy metal.

Led Zeplin I ('69):

Jimmy Page, guitar, producer, b-vox,
John Paul Jones - bass, organ, b-vox,
John Bonham - drums, b-vox,
Robert Plant - vox, harmnonica,

Led Zeplin II ('69) contained the hit "Whole lotta Love" and they had 5 U.S. tours following up. And of course with another hard-rock albums called Led Zeplin II & Led Zeplin II ('70 with the all time classic song "Stairway to Heaven") and with vocals of Sandy Denny (Fairport Convention, 21 April 1978 she died following injuries from a fall down the staircase).

House of the Holy was a controversial album with regea, folk, ballads and a lot of heavy metal.

They formed the label Swan Songs, Bad Company, The Pretty Things and Maggie Bell were also signed to the company.

They made another few albums such as Physical Graffiti, Precences, Remains the Same and In through the out Door ('79).

An U.S. tour was planned, but in September 1980, Bonham was found dead following a lengthy drinking bout.

Coda ('82) contains material which was recorded before '80.

After a not so good performing at Live Aid by Led Zep with Phil Collins and Tony Thomson (Chic) on drums they tried agian to re-unite:
With Jason Bonham on drums.
Jason played on Paul Rodgers Muddy Waters Blues ('93) as well.


JOHN PAUL JONES, became a succesful producer, arrenger:
The Mission,
Paul McCartney ('79, '84),
R.E.M. (Automatic for the People '92),
Peter Gabriel (US '92),
Brian Eno ('92),
Heart ('95) ).
He made only two solo-albums, his latest effort is Thunderthief ('01), with a small guest-apperance of Robert Fripp.


JOHN BONHAM session for:

Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends (with Page, Jeff Beck & Noel Redding),
Ron Wood (On the Road again, '79),
Paul McCartney (Back to Egg '79).


ROBERT PLANT made a few solo-albums Pictures of Eleven ('82, with drummers Cozy Powell (ex-Jeff Beck, EL&P, Rainbow and others) and
Phil Collins), The Principle of Moments with the single Big Log.
Robert Plant started up the Honenydrippers old blues and rock with Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Nile Rodgers (ex-Chic),('84).
In '88 with Now and Zen with help from Jimmy.
Nigel Kenedy, Marie Brennan and many others worked on Fate of Nations ('93).

Mighty Rearranger ('05).

Robert Plant - Vocals, Harmonica
John Baggott - Keyboards, Electronica, Moog Bass
Clive Deamer - Drums, Bendir
Justin Adams - Electric Guitar, Bendir, Tehardant, Lap Steel, Bass
Skin Tyson - Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Lap Steel, Bass
Billy Fuller - Electric and Double Bass.

Robert did some session for Francis Dunnery ('94).

See his official site for more news.


JIMMY PAGE made first a dissapointed soundtrack Deadwish II ('82). His second project is Outrider ('84) with Jason Bonham on drums, vocals by Chris Farlowe (ex-Colloseum, ex-Atomic Roosters) and John Miles.
Former Free/Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers and Jimmy began working together as the Firm in 1984. Enlisting ex-Uriah Heep/Manfred Mann drummer Chris Slade (later in ACDC) and Tony Franklin (worked with Roy Harper, later in Blue Murder) on bass.

Coverdale & Page is from '94 and is a mix from of course Deep Purple, Whitesnake (David Coverdale played there) and Led Zep.

Jimmy did session/ played or produced for/with:

John Mayal,
The Pretty Things,
The Rolling Stones (Dirty Work '86),
Robert Plant ('88).




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