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The new RPWL single!!!

Yogi Lang
Blind Ego
Parzivals Eye

Review + Photos September 2010
Photos April 2010
Pictures 2009
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from Heerlen.
A live review on this site.

Solo & Sessions
Review (-s)

Oct 2012:
Please check out their November tour dates for the last Dutch and German shows.

Somewhere In Between - extended version online.
As we had to shorten "Somewhere In Between" due to the lenght of "Beyond Man And Time", we now want to present you the original and extended version of this song: "Somewhere In Between (incl. The Sacred Yes)". We already played this version live, and of course will play it like this on the second part of the RPWL "Beyond Man And Time Tour 2012". You can now download it on iTunes and all other digital salespartners.
Download link iTunes.

NEWS FEB 2012:
The limited edition of "Beyond Man And Time" is sold out!!! Keep in mind: this is not another needless fantasy story to forget about your sorrows, it is a plea for original thinking to overcome the deadlock of the spirit in our modern world! A gift, for all and none.


02.11.2012 De Lakei Helmond NL, supported by Silhoutte.
03.11.2012 Aula Gym. Petrinum D - Brilon
19.01.2013 Olympiaturm (Rockmuseum) D - München

More Tourdates.

NEWS JAN 2012:
Review "Beyond Man and Time".
Release date 9 March 2012.

The first concept album by Germany's art rock giants will see the daylight early March.
There will be a limited bonus edition of 2.000 pieces that includes an audiobook.
Beyound Man and Time is a musical journey through the world outside of Platon's cave. "The Great goal is to open eyes, look futher, see more, and see differently. Words that everybody approves of are not going to lead to progress. We call that "dreadlock of the spirit". Too many approaches of our time disapear in the void of equal - the conformist.
This piece does not want to be conformist - actuelly, the exact opposite. It's a plea for original thinking, for dissent, for liberation.
A plas
No poetry
No science"
Yogi Lang.

December 2011:
At this point, I also want to present you the title of the album: BEYOND MAN AND TIME. It is indeed a real concept album with a continous story – different to WORLD THROUGH MY EYES or THE RPWL EXPERIENCE, that only had a common theme. But I don’t want to reveal more about the story at this point. I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming tour through Europe, which is going to start in mid-April and which will lead us through half Europe. I hope that you’re also excited about the new RPWL Album BEYOND MAN AND TIME, and that we’ll at least meet again on tour!!
Kalle Wallner

Tour dates 2012.

Jan 2011: Interview with Yogi Lang.

New: Interview with Kalle & Yogi (April 2010).

RPWL: As announced in February, Metal Mind Productions will release the first DVD of German masters of ambitious rock - RPWL!

“The RPWL Live Experience” features an impressive performance, filmed in mid February at the Wyspiański Theatre in Katowice, where RPWL played as the headliner on the second day of the ProgRock festival. The band's music definitely has its own style – modern, yet also drawing from the best traditions of the prog-rock genre. All in all - brilliant compositions, catchy melodies, mature and intriguing sound! The set-list included RPWL’s greatest hits such as “Hole In The Sky”, “Breathe In, Breathe Out”, “Three Lights”, “Trying To Kiss The Sun” or “Roses”.

The DVD also features an interview with Yogi Lang and Kalle Wallner, “Breathe In, Breathe Out” video clip, Tour Footage 2006 (incl. Sleep Demo Version), photo gallery, desktop images, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound and much more! “The RPWL Live Experience” will be available in the following formats: DVD, 2CD, and in a limited DVD+2CD edition.
Metal Mind Productions has released “The RPWL Live Experience” on 15th June in Europe and 14th July in USA (via MVD).

See below for more info 9 out of 10 stars!!!


So for all the Dutch fans an interview of
3 voor 12, Michiel Scheijen,
Io-Pages you can find here &
Part II
Thanks to Io-Pages.

German band started as a Pink Floyd cover band. Violet District was recorded before they started as RPWL. Clearly influenced by Yes, Genesis, Steve Hackett, Pink Floyd and by them self. Nice harmonies, gilmouresque guitar-work, psychedelic keyboards and moog synthesizers accompanied by bass and drums. The booklets of their ceedees are really professional and of course their music too.

Live they set down an excellent gig, with projections, great musician expertise and a lot of fun.

God Has Failed ('00) is a really great album (in the mood of Wish You Where Here):

Phil Paul Rissettio - drums,
Chris Posti - bass,
Karlheinz Wallner - guitars,
Yogi Lang- vocals & keyboards.

In the meantime they did a lot of concerts with sometimes a cover of Pink FLoyd, Cymbaline, Welcome To The Machine, Dogs and floydian intermezzo's referring to Ummagumma, Atom Heart Mother and sometimes a link to Sorrow.
One of the highlights, i sadly missed, seemed to be a double concert with Mostly Autumn in the Netherlands, another great promising band.


Trying to kiss the Sun ('02):

kiss the sun Phil Paul Rissettio - drums,
Stephan Ebner - bass,
Karlheinz Wallner - guitars,
Andreas Werntaler - keyboards,
Yogi Lang - vocals & keyboards,
Additional musicians: Chris Postl - bass,
Stephan Caron - coral sitar.

Listen to "I don't know (what it's like)" and it will bring a big smile on your face. It sounds like "I don't know (what i like in your Wardrobe)" of the good old Genesis, but then totally different. The title track is strong and if you not convinced by that; listen to Home Again.
The Floydian influence is still present also elements of Camel (and Colin Bass), Porcupine Tree and even Mostly Autumn i would say.


Try one of these albums and you'll run to the store again to buy the other too. ;-)

A promo ceedee called Trying To Kiss the Sun Tour ('02) was made and is sold out ;-(
Including the song Cymbaline.


Stock is a "new" album with a wonderful cover of Syd Barretts Opel. Including a dvd with some additional info.
Listen to The Way It Is, close your eyes and you'll think that this a the new Pink Floyd, but then the keyboard section begins and you be amazed again; Is this the forgotten bonus track "On Selling By The Pound"???
The Gentle Art Of Swimming is another highlight of this ceedee, just like Forgive me (part 3) is this Snowy White who makes than beautiful guitar sound or is it Karlheinz Wallner, again?
So you there, Pink Floyd-affiniciadoos, don't save your money; spent it on this one!

Phil Paul Rissettio - drums,
chris & david ;-) Stephan Ebner - bass,
Karlheinz Wallner - guitars,
Andreas Werntaler - keyboards,
Yogi Lang - vocals & keyboards,
Additional musicians: Chris Postl - bass,
Conny K. - vocals.

They had a wonderful gig in Verviers last night (21-3-'03). The last show with the Swedish band Ritual; 4 handsome enthusiastic guys (style; Flowerkings, Pendragon and Yes).
RPWL started their show very impressive with Opel (yes indeed a song of Syd Barrett) (including the liquid projections and quadraphonic soundsystem). Yogi and his band members had a wonderful time, they enjoyed it and so did the audience of people in the age of 40+ (I was one of the youngsters ;-).
Althrough they had enough own awesome good songs they did together with Ritual back on stage an a cover from Peter Gabriel; Games without Frontiers, again accompanied with film projections. Before that there was a minute absolute silence for peace.
kiss the sun livePolitical and musical a correct band!
Great concert with excellent floydian spheres.

Althrough I'm very keen to see Mostly Autumn in Verviers in June, I think this will be the highlight of 2003.


They did a marvelous gig in Spain in August 2004. Together with Mostly Autumn they did the best Pink Floyd song ever; Comfortably Numb.

Later than previously planned, the new longplayer by RPWL will be out: World Through My Eyes is released on January 24th. The reason for the delay is the lavish special edition of this album which will be a hybrid SACD. This edition offers the complete material of “World Through My Eyes“ with a 5.1 mix (playable in stereo on all common CD players) as well as a ten minute bonus track and an extended booklet – this means much more value for only relatively more money since this special edition is only a little bit more expensive than the standard edition of the album.


peace Yogi Lang : vocals, keyboards

Karlheinz Wallner : guitars

Phil Paul Rissettio : drums

Stephan Ebner : bass

Ray Wilson : guestvocals on "Roses"

Vipo Maat : guitars

Christl Postl : bass

Asif Ali : sarangi

Rlaf Metzler : piano

Benedikt Just : sound design

Mark Anderton : choir

Karan, Yashasvi, Arunesh, Pramod, Akram, Saurabh, Seher, Shaslhi, Kamlesh and Shardama : Indian choir.


Review of world through my Eyes and a new interview with Yogi!



2 CDs packed with live-recordings from the
"World Through My Eyes"-Tour 2005.
(including "Rockpalast TV-performance" feat. Ray Wilson).

RELEASE-DATE: 14.10.2005.


CD 1

01. Sleep
02. Start The Fire
03. Who Do You Think We Are
04. Day On My Pillow
05. Roses (feat. Ray Wilson)
06. Not About Us (feat. Ray)
07. The Gentle Art Of Swimming
08. Wasted Land
09. Crazy Lane
10. Trying To Kiss The Sun

CD 1

01. World Through My Eyes
02. Opel
03. Cymbaline
04. Welcome To The Machine
05. I Don't Know
06. Hole In The Sky
07. New Stars Are Born
(complete studio version, bonustrack)


Roses (feat. Ray Wilson)

The Gentle Art Of Swimming

Day On My Pillow

More sound samples at heir website: www.rpwl.de.


An awesome album... what more must I say? For me the cd has a few great covers and links to their roots. Genesis is coming by, not alone by covering "Not About Us" (written by Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Ray Wilson) and featuring Ray Wilson, but also in few flashbacks, such as in "Who Do You Think You Are", and that's real nicely done! Think the RPWL fans will like that extremely well, I do, that's for sure.
Ray Wilson can be heard of the catchy single "Roses", another highlight.
Side two begins with a "World Through My Eyes", a wonderful Pink Floydish version, real creepy. And the next three songs are Pink Floyd covers, including the long a waited Cymbaline.

RPWL got enough splendid own material to play, so as we can hear on their four studio albums, so these covers are as gift to their fans, who'll probably Pink Floyd & Genesis fan too.
The cd ends with a studio bonus track "New Stars Are Born", a great song that breathe the spirit of the beautiful Floydian live recordings. Absolute madness...
money is a religion Close your eyes and let the imagines of the projections float through your head...


If you like Pink Floyd and or Genesis, or if you're looking out to see David Gilmour perform, then this album is absolute "a must have". I almost would say that I'll pay your money back if you don't agree...
Thought that the cd "World Through My Eyes" was one of the Top albums of 2005, but RPWL have beaten themselves with this live release.



Money is a religion?


January 2005:
For a long time it was just a rumour but now it is confirmed. "Ancient" bass player Chris Postl is back with RPWL. Already Postl will take over the bass part as well as backing vocals with the WDR "Rockpalast" concert at Bonn on Tuesday, March 8th. He got the part at short notice from Stefan Ebner, who has left the band. He will also play the complete spring tour and later gigs, too.
"Welcome back, Chris!"


They're working on a dvd, with some unexpected bonus material...

And... maybe some solo ideas will get reality: Yogi, Karl and Chris! So watch out this or their site.


They played at the Pink Floyd Day in the Zoetermeer as main act. Sorry that I missed you guys, I was at Odin Dragonfly and Fish gig, just 30 miles to the South; Rotterdam. Gonna see you in Loreley!
And yeah what a surprised the original Line Up: Rissottio, Phil Paul - drums,
Postl Chris - bass
Wallner, Karlheinz - guitars,
Lang, Yogi - vocals & keyboards with

Markus Jehle - keyboards.

This was the setlist, hope it is complete:
Start the fire,
3 lights,
Day on my pillow
Gentle art of swimming" Trying to kiss the sun
God has failed
Hole in the sky
Let there be more light
Opel (Syd Barret)
Biding my time
Welcome to the machine
Murder (Gilmour) and
Home again.


We'd like to announce our forthcoming special album: "9"
(release: 9th of September 2007)

"9" is a compilation including 5 previously unreleased live songs and 4 brandnew solo songs from Yogi Lang, Chris Postl, Manni Müller and Kalle Wallner, recorded together by the band. Those studio-tracks are representing the different influences in the band.
"9" will be released in a limited edition of 999 CDs and will be only available in our own Shop.

part 1: "Live"

1. Trying To Kiss The Sun
performed by Lang, Wallner, Postl, Jehle, Müller
2. 3 Lights
performed by Lang, Wallner, Postl, Jehle, Müller
3. Let There Be More Light (Waters)
performed by Lang, Wallner, Postl, Jehle, Rissettio
4. Tell Me Why
performed by Lang, Wallner, Postl, Jehle, Müller
5. Home Again
performed by Lang, Wallner, Postl, Jehle, Rissettio

Part 2: "Works"
Solo-Songs von Manni Müller, Chris Postl, Yogi Lang und Kalle Wallner. Jedoch von RPWL zusammen eingespielt.

1. Someone Else (Kalle Wallner)
2. Release Me (Manni Müller, er singt auch die Lead-Stimme)
3. '48 (Yogi Lang)
4. Another Day (Chris Postl)


The RPWL Experience ('08).

Yogi Lang: vocals, keyboards
Karlheinz Wallner: guitars, backing vocals
Chris Postl: bass guitars, backing vocals
Manni Müllner: drums, backing vocals


1. Silenced 9:52
2. Breath In, Breath Out 3:52
3. Where Can I Go? 7:19
4. Masters of War 6:17
5. This is Not a Prog Song 5:35
6. Watch Myself 6:00
7. Stranger 8:32
8. River 7:52
9. Choose What You Want to Look at 5:04
10. Turn Back the Clock 6:37

Reviews, interviews and news you can find at my MySpaceBlog.
An excellent new fresh album. RPWL is on new course and i can tell you it's Spitze Klasse!
Highly Recommended!

RPWL live is:

Yogi Lang - vocals and keyboards
Kalle Wallner - guitars and backing vocals
Marc Turiaux - drums
Markus Jehle - keyboards &
Chris Postl - bass and backing vocals.

Lenie - lights and videos &
Michiel - sound.

Dutch Review
by Michiel Scheijen 3/12.

New Pictures from de nieuwe Nor 01-10-2008.
And more Live reviews + photo's; The Reasoning, Marillion, Gazpacho,
Mostly Autumn, PBII, Pure Reason Revolution, Magenta & RPWL.

The RPWL Live Experience” (dvd june 2009).

The DVD features an impressive performance, filmed in mid February at the Wyspiański Theatre in Katowice, where RPWL played as the headliner on the second day of the festival ProgRock 2009. The band's music definitely has its own style – modern, yet also drawing from the best traditions of the prog-rock genre. All in all - brilliant compositions, catchy melodies, mature and intriguing sound!

01. Hole In The Sky
02. Breathe In, Breathe Out
03. 3 Lights
04. Start The Fire
05. Silenced
06. This Is Not a Prog Song
07. Sleep
08. Opel
09. Waiting For A Smile
10. Trying To Kiss The Sun
11. Wasted Land
12. Roses
13. Biding My Time
14. I Don’t Know

Metal Mind Productions has released “The RPWL Live Experience” on 15th June in Europe and 14th July in USA (via MVD).

9 out of 10 stars!
The dvd is recorded at the Wyspiański Theatre in Katowice. And the guys there did a fantastic job, really nice live shooting and the sound quality is super. Maybe the shooting is a bit conventional, but it's astonishing and a pleasure to watch. Really nice light show, great stage and stylish smooth imagines.
The setlist is "a best of rpwl", old an new are mixed in one big epos. Some songs have a different approach and that makes it even more interesting. Cathy, proggie, Rockin', loaded, modern with influences of the mighty Floyd and Genesis and sometimes with great humor ("This is not a Prog song")(please put that on YouTube).
And a nice look back to their roots with "Opel" of Syd Barrett (who died 3 years ago 07-07-06).
Yogi's voice is excellent and a few times he uses his Moog to help the wizard Marcus on keys. One of the trademark is Kalles superb guitar art, this dvd shows his abilities, i love that. Bass and drums provided by Chriss and Marc are making this great recording complete.
The DVD also features an interview with Yogi Lang and Kalle Wallner, "Breathe In, Breathe Out" video clip, Tour Footage 2006 (incl. Sleep Demo Version), photo gallery, desktop images, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound and more!"
One version of the album contains 2 cd's, apart of the excellent sound quality, they don't add any extra's, extra songs or whatever. And that i think is a miss.
Mmm i'm happy with this recording, that shows that these Germans are a band you should check out live.

A great applause for the people at Katowice and the gils and boys behind the scene.

“The RPWL Live Experience” will be available in the 3 formats: DVD, ltd. 2CD, and ltd. DVD+2CD.

Snapshots of this fantastic dvd at this spot.

Breathe in, breathe out live in Katowice '09.


The Gentle Art of Music.
  7. ROSES
  9. 3 LIGHTS

CD2 - Revisited

  1. SLEEP
  8. CAKE
  9. FOOL


Ray Wilson,
Tom Norris (London Symphony Orchestra)
Hang- Spieler Manu Delago.
Manasvee Mezz - indian instruments, arrangements,
Mehmet Bayrakcoglu - saz,
Ferndinand Settele - sax,
Jost Hecker - cello,
Conny Kreitmeyer &,
Bine Heller - vocals.

A real best of cd. Sublime.
Even more sublime is disc 2 with the new arrangements, beautiful! Indian spheres, laid back but with a bite.
The songs are stripped down and build up again, carefully and absolutely heartbreaking. The only remark is "Moonflower" a soft jazzy song that to my humble opinion don't fit with the other 10 heigh lights.
9+ out of 10.

http://www.ytsejam.com/ a nice review ;-)

From the latest DVD!!!!

Beyond Man and Time (March 2012)

Yogi Lang - vocals and keyboards
Kalle Wallner - guitars and backing vocals
Marc Turiaux - drums
Markus Jehle - keyboards &
Werner Taus - bass and backing vocals.

Manfred Feneberg- percussion on "the fisherman".

Artwork by Judith Reichardt

Special Edition:
Readers: Andy Königsman [ German version ]
Ian Salmon [ english version ] (Arena, Landmarq and Yogi's solo album.)

Unchain the earth is the official single from this album: YouTube.
And this is an video of "the Noon".
Review "Beyond Man and Time".

Free cd's "Beyond Man and Time" / RPWL.

Please have look at this page for more info about their solo projects.
RPWL Solo Projects (Kalle & Chris).
Yogi Lang.
Blind Ego.



More info at www.rpwl.de &
Kalle Wallner &
Chris Postl.


Review "Beyond Man and Time".
Interview with Yogi Jan 2011.
Interview with Karl and Yogi '09.
Review of World through my Eyes +
interview with Yogi.
Live review and pics 2005 + tourdates 2005.
live review and pics 2006.

IndexHome again.



Mostly Autumn and RPWL
in Spain doing
Comfortably Numb...
August 2004.


Updated May 2012 by Nick.
May the 3 Lights guide you to a peaceful world.

Hope to see you in de new jail (again)!
But i guess you could fill football stations by then...

god has failed
you'll never be forgotten
you've always on my mind
i look into the mirror
a good friend is hard to find
could anyone please tell me
if all was fixed before
this year spring comes to early
cause god has failed once more
the pictures i've found
your face looks still the same
whenever i'm a sleep
my heart will call your name
to tell about your life
is all about your life
is all i can do for you
your end has come to early
cause god has failed once more



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