Magenta: Home,
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Magenta: Home ('06).

Listen to this one:
full mp3 of The Visionary,
while you reading the review, so you get a clue about what I'm talking about.


Home is the bands’ fourth album in 5 years, - three studios and one excellent double live album.
Their first album "Revolutions" was a real, 70-ies prog album, with a big wink to the early Genesis and Yes. They needed two disks to make their statement, a remarkable act of courage for a debut album. But the album made perfectly clear that this band has a big promising future. "Seven" their album about the seven deadly sins was another milestone, utilising that 70-ies prog feel, but with more of own fingerprint. Their live album, "Another Place... Another Time", is very much a “best of"; a great, clear sound, remarkable beautiful new versions and a lovely edit of their single "Broken" written by Christina.
So after some laudable reviews of their live gigs they had to make a DVD: "The Gathering". This has great sound and a wonderful production. I think the band was seeking perfection and they found a way to get it.
Above two shots from their DVD.

And now with this one, "Home", they made another big step to their own sound.
magenta-home The music has changed a bit, to become more guitar oriented rather than keyboards oriented Prog., just like their live gigs. It seems to be that the band has more confidence and that they don't feel the urge to hide themselves behind the big walls of keyboards. Don't get me wrong, I like Rob Reeds keyboard playing, but this album is more organic and has more emotion, and I like that even more. And above all there is that majestic heavenly voice of Christina.
The production is again more as superb. They prove that you don't have to be "a million selling artist" to get that perfect sound in an expensive studio.
An album with a theme; a girl living in Liverpool goes across the ocean to find a new live in the States.

A great piano theme opens the album and then... there she's there with that amazing voice... astonishing, heavenly and breathtaking... The lyrics making you clear why she wants to move and leave her miserable "home".
Then "Hurt" begins with that Magenta riff and kicking drums - the man behind the drum kit is really giving a show in this song. The whole band gives their best on this stomper, they get the time and room to pack out their trunks loaded with their musical skils.
At this point you become aware of the production, which is very dynamic with a clear warm sound. There are some nice backing vocals and a great guitar solo closes the song.
Again, there is a slow start on piano and Christina's voice on "Moving On", the drums add more tempo and then the band joins in. There is a great break for a slower passage, which is followed by a creepy guitar solo. The next section ends on a nice twist of the melody, now the song is propelled by Christina's voice; with her singing and even groaning she speeds up to more excitable higher places. The sax, by Lee Goodall, brings another enjoyable counterpoint and at the end an instrumental fade out makes the song sound a bit Floydish. Excellent.
Speaking about Pink Floyd; the first verse of Part II, gives me a flashback of 'Money" ("Spend my cash, increase my stach, the highlife"). You can easily follow the journey of our heroine by listening to the lyrics. The songs are less abstract than on previous albums and are much more emotional.
The song "My Home Town (far away)" ends with a strong suggestion of Mike Oldfield.
The sail to the unknown starts in "Brave New Land", a short vocal intermezzo. Apparently it sounds like the band, except the piano man, is packed in her suitcase ;-)
"The Journey" is full of beautiful vocals and harmonies. They're giving you that Yes feel, like Jon Anderson and his friends. The instrumentation has Steve Howe-like guitar playing and the keyboards also make me think of Yes.
magenta-in-norway "Towers of Hope" is one of my 10 favourites, a smooth passage and a wonderful orchestration but it is too short!
An awesome Stephen Hackett guitar sound & an old style Genesis structure gives "Demons" a fabulous intro. Chris starts another guitar intermezzo which brings the whole song to a next sublime level. Christina's voice lifts the whole thing to the Top of another level with a Panoramic view... Another amazing guitar solo, how high can you go?
"Demons" you can find it also on their DVD "The Gathering" '05.
An acoustic guitar riff and some happy chords in "Morning Sunlight" makes for a very cheerful awakening on this new day. Our heroine is leaving and steps in a Greyhound with her thoughts. Someone on acoustic guitar is getting on the bus too, a little bass joins and apparently there's someone gently drumming on the back seat. The Greyhound leaves...
Prog is back with "Joe", featuring some haunting atmospheres, some typical Magenta harmonies, great dynamics, powerful riffs and lots of keyboards traveling around the piece. Another highlight.

A picture of Magenta in Norway May 2006.

The Dream.

"Try to live your world alone
Try to find a place to call home
Feel the beating of your heart
So far away.

We are inside your mind
Won't stop searching until we find
Holding on to a dream
So far away
Then the morning chases you away."

Picture by Chris Walkden, The Point / Cardiff.

The Visionary.
Probaply the main theme... A song that already was played live the last year.
Check out for your self:
full mp3 of The Visionary.
All the players get room to show their abilities in this great song.

Another fine epic is "Journey", with many counterpoints and guitar breaks, even a Gilmouresque bluesy one.
magenta-in-classic Finally, “He” has arrived on his Uilleann Pipes, sorry if I am being over the top, but I really like this guy, I have know him now for several years, and enjoyed his excellent skills on Uilleann Pipes, whistle and guitar and had some real joy in his company...; It’s Troy Donockley – and it’s an absolutely fabulous song.
Back to the piano on the voice of an Angel, drums, more Pipes, guitars. Home again...

10 stars out of 5.


Magena at the CRS 2004;
Troy, Alan, Tina, Rob & Matt.

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.
ny suite The New York Suite.

Originallly the plan was to make a double album with the same theme. But in the last months of the production the decision was made to make one single disc. Apparently the band had recorded and written such excellent stuff that they wanted decided to release a bonus disc. So 5 songs made the "New York Suite".

These are excellent songs that have more likeness to the "Revolutions" & "Seven" albums. So they are a must have for the people who are all already familiar to this great band.


Above: Steve Reed.
To the right Rob Reed.


The center of the songwriting team are Rob Reed and his brother Steve who is responsible for all the lyrics on this album. Rob writes all the music.
single Christina has written some lyrics too, for the single "Broken" she really proved herself. The new single with Annie Haslam will be another attempt to score a hit. Lyrics will again be by Christina:
'"I wrote the lyrics after being on holiday last June on a ranch in Wyoming USA. We could see a mountain from the ranch called the "Sleeping Indian", in the night i had a dream about how the mountain came to exist, the story is told through the song...", speak soon xx Christina.'
The single will be on the EP “Night and day”, featuring Annie's lead vocals backed by the full Magenta band. Annie has also contributed one of her paintings inspired by the song, to be used as the cover artwork for the CD.
Looking forward to it!

Release date July '06.

Rob Reed - bass, guitars, backing vocals, recorder, tambourine, grand piano, mandoline, acoustic guitar,
Chrstina - lead vocals (and how!),
Chris Fry - lead guitar,
Martin Rosser - lead guitar,
Daniel Fry - bass,
Allan Mason-Jones - drums,

Tim Robbinson - drums,
Martin Shellard - guitar,
Lee Goodall - tenor saxes,
Hywell Maggs - guitar,
Christian Phillips - Guitar, backing vocals,
Troy Donockley - Uillian Pipes,
Mal Pope - backing vocals, &
Lorrain Ling - backing vocals.

Above: Live at the Boerdery '06.
Chris, Daniel, Alan, Christina, Martin & Rob.


The Art work of the booklet is really nice.
Design by Adam J Hodgson - www.naturantasy.co.uk
Band and cover photography; Chris Walkden.


Live Pictures + review.


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Samples - F2 Music

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1. This Life [2:30]

sample 1


2. Hurt [5:35]

sample 1


3. Moving On [6:02]

sample 1


4. My Home Town (Far Away) [3:56]

sample 1


5. Brave New Land [1:02]

sample 1


6. The Journey [6:21]

sample 1


7. Towers Of Hope [2:10]

sample 1


8. Demons [5:16]

sample 1


9. Morning Sunlight [2:43]

sample 1


10. Joe [11:14]

sample 1    sample 2    sample 3    sample 4


11. The Dream [1:11]


12. The Visionary [6:00]

sample 1    sample 2

   Full track - MP3 - 128kbps - 5.50MB  

13. Journey's End [7:41]

sample 1    sample 2


14. The Traveller's Lament [1:15]

sample 1


15. Home [4:13]

sample 1



New York Suite

BUY THIS CD at www.progrock.co.uk/

1. Arrival [10:58]

sample 1    sample 2    sample 3


2. Home From Home [8:07]

sample 1    sample 2    sample 3    sample 4


3. White Lies [10:56]

sample 1    sample 2

   Full track - MP3 - 128kbps - 8MB  

4. Truth [8:44]

sample 1    sample 2    sample 3 http://www.progrock.co.uk/samples/    sample 4


5. This Life (Reprise)


Live Dates:

20th May 2006 03:00 PM

De Boerderij , Zoetermeer, Holland
With Satellite and Mangala Vallis

27th May 2006 08:00 PM
Folken , Stavanger, Norway,
250 Kroner
Link: www.folken.no
18th June 2006 08:00 PM

Mr Kyps , Poole, England
Link: www.mrkyps.net

15th July 2006 04:00 PM
Gillingham Festival, Dorset , Gillingham, England
Free Entry Headlining the afternoon session of the festival. 60 minutes set
Link: gillinghamfestival.org.uk
27th July 2006 07:30 PM
Riga Music Bar , Southend-On-Sea, England
Link: www.rigamusicbar.co.uk
29th July 2006 08:00 PM
Vizela , Vizela, Portugal
Free Entry
Link:Carlos Tavares' My Space site
08th Sept 2006 08:00 PM

The Borderline , London, England
£12 Magenta only show
Link: www.meanfiddler.com

09th Sept 2006 08:00 PM

Fetival in Theux near verviers, Belgium

24th Nov 06 08:00 PM
The Point , Cardiff, Wales
Link: www.thepointcardiffbay.com
26th Nov 2006 06:00 PM

The Robin 2, Bilston, UK
£12 in advance with guests Credo and Ezra
Link: www.therobin.co.uk

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