An interview with Göran Fors of the great Swedish band GALLEON
March 2004.


The main instrument is the bassguitar, but a play little syntz and little guitars.

You started to play an instrument at the age of:

Did you had any lesson?
Well i naged on my music teacher so he showed me some after class.

Did you had a "hero" as teenager?
Yes but that came when i discovered the bass guitar and when i heard Geddy Lee and Chris Squire.

Other musical projects:
I have made a record with Olov from Grand Stand and Hansi cross from Cross called Spektrum.

Favourite Music:
Symphonic rock and fusion but i also like heavy metal, classical music, synt music and i can listen to a lot of world music and jazz.

Best album(s) you bought or heard in 2002/2003:
Mmm i must think about that...

Best album ever:
Thats got to be The Yes Album or Genesis Seconds Out.

Best live act:
Well Rush is very good live and U2 and not forget Peter Gabriel.

Favourite Movie(s):
Action, War, Drama, Science Fiction you name it if it´s good it´s good.

Favourite Food:
Pasta, Mexican, Indian, Chineese,Thai,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and moms home cooked.

Favourite Quote:
Shit Happens ,,,and that is the truth :-)

Your life besides music:
Reading books, watching movies ,go to concerts and nice restaurants meeting friends and my boring job of course.

Surprising Facts:
I don´t know what´s surprising but i have been a fireman for fourteen years maybe that one counts. he he he

What would you wish for the future:
That we can make a live album and or a dvd or both and that someone stop the madness thats goning on this globe.

Why did you changed the name of the Band from Aragon to Galleon?
There is an australian band with that name.

Was the name Aragon inspired by Tolkien? Has the name Galleon any meaning?
Yes it was ,and we just found Galleon in a dictionary and liked it, well have you ever heard about the spanish galleon it´s an armada with ships

How would you describe your music?
As a mix between Rush,Genesis,Marillion and a bit of IQ and Yes maybe.

Do you know band like Mostly Autumn, Karnataka or Jadis?
Yes i know about them but i have not listen very much to them.

Is it frustating to see how the big companies can launch a new girl-, boy-band to the top and how some bands, who make really good music, hardly can sell any records by the lack of promotion?
Yes it´s indeed.

Can we expect a new tour in Europe soon?
Well we have some plans to do some gigs in September but we don´t know where right now.

What is the profession of the other bandmembers?
Sven is a music teacher,
my brother Dan has no work right now,
Ulf is taking care of a faq site on the internet to a large company,
And i work with computer support.


Hope to see you in Verviers some day (in September?)
All the best Goran Fors from Galleon.


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