An interview with Troy Donockley.
April 2004 & September by Nick.

Troy is an multi-instrumentalist, member of the band Iona. They will have some gigs in the Lowlands on 23, 24 & 25 September! Connected with Mostly Autumn.

The Pursuit of Illusion ('03) is his latest solo album. He got some help of the members of Iona.


Troy Donockley.

If you would describe your self what would it be?
Happy and Amazed.

Uilleann Pipes, Low Whistles & Tin Whistles, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Bouzouki, Portugese Mandola, Keyboards and Percussion.

You started to play an instrument at the age of:

Did you had any lesson?
No, I have never had any formal lessons.

Which (high) school did you go?
Carlisle college of Art & Design.

Did you had a "hero" as teenager?
Yes, Vince White who was the Guitarist/pedalsteel player in my Dads band.

You dad played in a band? Vince White from the Clash????
Yes, my Dad had a band which included my Mam as a singer. I also joined when I was 16 and played Bass and then guitar around the Northern Working Men's Clubs...a baptism of fire I can tell you. No, Vince White was not in the Clash. He was a brilliant Pedal Steel guitarist though.

Other musical projects:
A LOT!!! See my website....

Favourite Music:
All kinds but as a general rule, music that has a deeper meaning; music as art.

Best album(s) you bought or heard in 2002/2003:
Sigur Ros.

Best album ever:
Impossible! however, my ten "desert Island discs" would be in no particular order -
1) TirNa Nog - Alan Stivell
2) Words & Music - Planxty
3) Symphony no.2 - Gustav Mahler
4) Everything by Ralph Vaughan Williams
5) Going for the One- Yes
6) Wrecking Ball - Emmylou Harris
7) Wish you were Here - Pink Floyd
8) Into the Labyrinth - Dead can Dance
9) Hounds of Love - Kate Bush
10) Old Hag you have killed me - The Bothy Band.

Best live act:
Well, the best Live Band I ever saw was Pink Floyd performing "The Wall" at Earls Court in 1980.
Best Concert was Mahler no.2 at the Royal Festival Hall. It had a profound effect on me....

Favourite Movie(s):
Too many! but again, if I have my desert Island selection -

1) Everything by Laurel & Hardy from 1929 to 1939.
2) The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
3) Blade Runner
4) O Brother where art thou?
5) Lawrence of Arabia
6) Its a wonderful Life
7) American Beauty
8) Harvey
9) Inherit the Wind
10) Lord of the Rings trilogy ( has to be really!)

Favourite Food:
I dont eat any Animal products so I have a tendency towards Indian, Italian and Mexican.
The best food in the world is the legendary "Vegetable and Spinach Masala" from The Kashmir Restaurant in Bradford,Yorkshire. I urge you to try it...

Favourite Quote:

"The Most Beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.
It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and science.
Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel,
Is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed.
Albert Einstein (1934).

Your life besides music:
I live in the Yorkshire wolds with my wife Terri and my daughter Mia, 4 miles from the nearest shop and 14 miles from the City of York. Terri is a Ceramicist and occupational therapist. Mia is 11 yrs old and loves writing splendid poems and dancing.
A desription of your house.
I live in a 13th Century Castle permanently shrouded in Mist.

Surprising Facts:
I am not involved with any organised religions and describe myself as a "Freethinker".
I am also very interested in Magic and am a member of a very old English Magical society.
I once almost had a fight with a Wild Bear in the Himalayas.

What must i imagine about The English Magical Society? We live on the other side of the Canel, we don't have this sort of old mystical societies, i believe.
It is Top Secret and I am not allowed to release information on it on pain of "Anthropological de-manifestation" i.e. Turned into a Frog/Toad or similar small creature.

You must go to a concert/ gig what would you choose:
Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson, - Elvis
Roger Waters or David Gilmour, - David Gilmour
Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins, - Peter Gabriel ( come on!)
Woodstock ('69) or Live Aid ('84), - Woodstock
WŁnschconcert (with your mother & dad, (i suppose they wanted to see that)) or Enimem, - Never, Ever Eminem.
Frank Zappa or The Beach Boys, - Frank Zappa
Jon Bon Jovi or Transatlantic, - Never Heard Transatlantic so Bon Jovi I suppose.
Night of the Proms or Bob Dylan, - Night at the Proms
Jimmy Hendrixs or The Doors, - Jimi Hendrix
David Gilmour acoustic or Pink Floyd, - Pink Floyd
Yes (with Wakeman) or Pink Floyd (with Roger Waters), - It's the Mighty Floyd again!
Ritchie Blackmore solo or Deep Purple, - Don't like either but at gunpoint, Purple.
Paul Mccartney or the Who, - The Who
The Beatles or the Stones, - The Stones.

What is your connection with Mostly Autumn??
Brian is an old and dear friend and we are members of a secret diplomatic Crime prevention network.

And Iona? Are you a full member? How did you get in contact with them?
I have been a member of Iona since 1995. I was invited to play on the debut album "Iona" in 1989 and got steadily involved from there. We all share a particular Love of a Particular Sound and when we play live, it can be quite Transcendental!

What would you wish for the future:
Good will to all and from all. A rennaisance in the Arts, and a long distance 'take-away' service from "The Kashmir"


Hope to see you in Verviers some day.

Troy Dononckley, April 2004.


And then it was September the 23th...

Iona gove their first gig in the famous Spirit of 66 in Verviers, headlining two gigs in Zoetermeer and Drachten, all in the Lowlands.

The gig was awesome, see; Iona Live!

NG: Troy another beer?
TD: Yes please I like this Belgium beer.


TD: Nick, did you liked it?
NG: Yes, it was great, live Iona is even better then on the studio albums, great band. Joana voice is so wonderful, she is great singer!
TD: Yes, this is why I'm so keen to be in this band, she got an amazing voice, I don't want to loose her.

NG: Did you enjoyed the show, you all looked very relaxed and it went smooth.
TD: I love doing this, with this band it is just great to perform, we didn't played for two years now. And then just in a few weeks were a back on this level; great.

NG: You never played here before, do you like the atmosphere?
TD: No last year with Mostly Autumn I was ill, sadly. The crowed is enthiosastic, nice.

NG: Did you buy any music lately, are you in with other "new" prog bands?
TD: No I'm not such a fan of the "new" prog bands, but there are a few; Porcupine Tree, Sigor Ros and Magenta.

NG: Magenta! mmm that is one of my favourites of the last mounth. Also a singer with a golden voice. Porcupine Tree, yes you must be, you're a Pink Floyd fan. Do you know the Blackfield album a collaboration between Steve Wilson and Eviv Geffen?
TD: Yes of course I know that album, really great, one of the best albums of this year.

NG: How did you came in contact with Pink Floyds music?
TD: My father took me, at the age of 14, to the Animals tour. A few years later I was in the Earls Court and '81 again... i lost interest when Roger Waters left.

NG: So you didn't saw them again?
TD: No I didn't saw any Pink Floyd gigs after that. I saw Roger Waters and that was great. A real perfectionist. One of the last gigs was one of Peter Gabriels shows. Another beer?

Then we talked about ullian pipes, food, family-business, the joy of live, Mostly Autumn, other projects, Charles Darwin and...?

TD: Cheers and thank you Nick.
NG: Thank you Troy, it was nice meeting you, at last. Hope you'll have two more great gigs. Return save in England and please keep making music.
TD: Stay in contact!


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