album Aviv Geffen, a highly successful solo artist in Israel discovered the music of Steven's band Porcupine Tree in the mid 90's and followed their career development. In 2000 he invited the band to perform some concerts in Israel and met with Steven in London to discuss the idea.
In October 2003 an album was completed and in 2004 it was avaiable in the stores. The collaborative songs alongside songs written by each separately brought a unique meeting of cultures, which resulted in a sophisticated, melodic and mature rock album.
A real "must have" for all Porcupine Tree fans!

An excellent release, you can hear this a Steve Wilsons production. Steve himself described the Blackfield music as 'Classic melancholic songs with a lush and warm production'. I think that covers the whole album.
The songs are short, 4 minutes is the top... and so the album is short too; 37 minutes. Very nice harmonies and good orchestration. You'll find no long guitar solo's or whatever, the songs are minimalistic in a good Porcupine Tree style.
Wilson mainly plays guitars and bass on the album, with Geffen focussing on keyboards. Vocals are shared between the two, although Geffen only does main vocals on Pain and The Hole in Me.
The video of "Blackfield" fits really in the mood of the song and is enchanged as video track, or you can download him at the Blackfield site. See my links page.
I don't know Aviv Geffens work, so I would say that the album has a strong Porcupine Tree fundament, other bands that came up into my mind were Coldplay, Saybia and yes Pink Floyd is still there too.

Highly Recommended.

End of July there'll be a special edition release of this fantastic album.
Read more: interview with Aviv and Steve.

They even did some live gigs in Tel Aviv and one in London, 10 September there's another show in the Mean Fidler --> www.meanfidler.com.

1. Open Mind
2. Blackfield
3. Glow
4. Scars
5. Lullaby
6. Pain
7. Summer
8. Cloudy Now
9. The Hole In Me
10. Hello

Bonus Disc:
1. Perfect World
2. Where is My Love?
3. Cloudy Now (live)
4. Enhanced video track ‘Blackfield’

Gavin Harrison,
Chris Maintland and
Jeremy Kaplan - drums,
Daniel Salomon - conductor of the string quartet.

The live band was;
Steve - guitars and vocals,
Daniel Salomon - keyboards and backing vocals,
Seffy Efrati - bass,
Chris Maintland - drums.

Blackfield Competition out of date.
sound clips & video.

Blackfield Bonus Tracks

1st September 2004

Perfect World (LP and CD)

Recorded in London in 2001 - a completed track that was planned to be on the album until fairly late in the day, but ultimately left off in favour of Cloudy Now.

Where Is My Love? (CD)

A demo recorded in Tel Aviv in 2002. The track was never progressed any further since it was felt it didn't fit the Blackfield sound (several other songs fell by the wayside for similar reasons).

Cloudy Now (CD)

Recorded live for The Main Stage TV show in Tel Aviv during promotion for the Israeli release of the album in February 2004. The song was one of 4 broadcast and was performed in front of a small studio audience. The band assembled for this promotional trip included former Porcupine Tree drummer Chris Maitland.

Feel So Low (LP)

A version of Steven's Porcupine Tree song recorded at the very first collaborative sessions between Aviv and Steven in Tel Aviv. Aviv was performing his Hebrew translation of the Porcupine Tree song at his shows, so it was decided to record his arrangement. At the time the plan was to make a one-off EP, and this would have been one of 6 tracks on it. This EP was mastered and prepared for release in late 2001, but ultimately abandoned in favour of continuing to work towards a full length album.

Blackfield announce European dates.

7 October 2004

On tour in November and December Following the critically acclaimed release of their debut album and a triumphant gig in London, Blackfield have announced a European tour.

Starting in Greece 27the november, then the Netherlands Rijssen & Zoetermeer, 6 times in Germany.

European Tourdates annoucment!

Or see Snapper Music for more info.


You could win one of the two Blackfield ceedee's by answering those questions, but sorry the competition is closed....

  1. Who and on which date has been shot in the front of Aviv Geffen eyes at a peace rally?
    Maybe the lyric he wrote can help you, see below. November the 4th 1995 and it was Mr.Yitzhak Rabin.
  2. How is Steve Wilsons home studio called? Nomans Land.
  3. Mention 6 projects, bands Steve Wilson is/ was involved? see this page and be amazed.
  4. Fill in this lyric:
    Curling lips, fingertips, dead eye dips, I saw it al in a ... Blackfield.
    Maybe this sound clip can help you.

And the winners are:

Claude from Oosterzele in Begium and
Egbert from Lopik The Netherlands!

You can use this form for sending in the answers. -->
Please fill in the header Blackfiled Competition.
Leave youre adress and e-mail behind.

Closing Date : Friday, 10th September 2004.
Multiple entries will be discarded.
You may submit entries via the Forms provided or by e-mail with the right words in the header.
Winners are normally selected at random from all winning
entrants unless otherwise stated.
Winners will be notified by email.
Any prizes unclaimed after two months will be submitted for a new Poll.
PS: all the entries that I recieved I judged as correct, thank you all for the effort.


Thanks to: Snapper Music.


1 minute mp3 sound clips from the BLACKFIELD album:
  1. Open Mind (geffen/wilson)
  2. Blackfield (wilson)
  3. Glow (geffen/wilson)
  4. Scars (geffen/wilson)
  5. Lullaby (wilson)
  6. Pain (geffen)
  7. Summer (geffen/wilson)
  8. Cloudy Now (geffen/wilson)
  9. The Hole In Me (geffen)
  10. Hello (geffen/wilson)

All audio and video material copyright and courtesy of Helicon Records.


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Aviv Gefen: To Cry For You

Text and Music: Aviv Gefen / translation: Larry Yudelson

I am going to cry for you
Be strong above
My yearnings
Are like doors that are opened at night

Forever, my brother
I will remember you always
And we'll meet in the end, you know
And I have friends
But they too are dimmed
Before your crazy light


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