The Reasoning Cabin Winter Tour / Jan 2008.

Review by John Morley / Cardiff.
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Review by Nick G. / Bilston.

Picture by Trevor.
Limelight Crewe
17th January 2008



Pictures by Mike Evs.
The Point Cardiff,
18 Jan 2008.

The Reasoning live – Cardiff Point 18/01/08.

A terrific start to the new year, with a series of live dates from The Reasoning. 4 dates in all at Crewe Limelight and Bilston Robin2 as well as the Cardiff and Southend dates. I would really like to have made them all, but unfortunately had previous commitments, so managed to make Cardiff and Southend only.

Cardiff Point is a terrific venue; a nice roomy stage, great sound and with slightly gothic overtones. Breathing Space were the support band on this night, and it was a good set though seemed a bit low key for the most part. They did pick up the pace near the end of their set, and whereas it did not make me want to rush over and buy one of their CD’s, it was my first exposure to their material and perhaps more familiarity would yield more enjoyment.

The Reasoning kicked off with Karnataka’s Talk To Me – a rearranged set from the last series of gigs, and as it should be for a band that is constantly evolving and working new numbers into the set. Lots of smiling on stage, the band obviously having a great time, especially during Fallen Angels where they indulge in a bit of pogoing! But that’s indicative of how tight these guys are, not just musically but also as a group of people. They are very much a unit and just can’t wait to get up on stage and play. We got a nice surprise during Chasing Rainbows, with the band breaking off into a rendition of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. Worked very well too, and the crowd loved it. I know some people don’t like the concept of bands doing covers like this, but I am the opposite, I think there is something about that comfortable recognition factor that helps to endear the band to an audience. I personally like a band to do covers that are far removed from their usual style, rather than the usual clichéd ones.

And I must say that new song Breaking The 4th Wall is really growing on me – Rachel and Gareth’s vocals on this song are nothing short of stunning. Another interesting new track is aired tonight, Sharp C, which already has what is fast becoming a very distinctive Reasoning sound.

A set highlight for me is the title track from forthcoming new album Dark Angel, and is sounding better and better - an epic, heavy, twisting behemoth of a song with occasional hints of Dream Theater. And to finish off, what else but their barnstorming rendition of Deep Purple’s Stormbringer. The band seem to be picking up a very healthy collection of regular fans, and new people seem to be discovering the band all the time. Despite this being a ‘hometown gig’, this was far from being a collection of friends and relations, these were people who have listened to and been impressed by the material, and sought the band out.

What is becoming more apparent the more I watch the band play is the diversity of styles that their set has – from the melodic, softer Karnataka songs and Breaking The 4th Wall, to the more intense numbers like Shadows Of Your Mind and Sacred Shape, to the heavier, rockier numbers like Awakening and Dark Angel, and finally the crowd pleasing, let-your-hair-down covers like Billie Jean and Stormbringer.

I know that this 4 date mini-tour has really whetted the bands appetite to get out and do more dates, and hopefully a longer tour. Like any band, the more they play the better they are, and from reports I have heard from the last night of this run at Bilston they were pretty awesome. There are a series of dates coming up in May in the Netherlands, and plans are afoot for more European dates later in the year.

With the new album due soon, things are going from strength-to-strength for a band that deserve to be seen and heard by a much wider audience.

John Morley

Am excellent review by Tim + pictures.

Setlist: Within cold Glas (intro)
Talk to me (Karnataka)
Fallen angels
Aching hunger
Playing the game
Chasing rainbows / Billy Jean / Part II
Breaking the 4th wall
Sacred Shape
Sharp Sea
Shadows of the mind
Encores Dark angel
Within cold glass
Strombringer (Deep Purple)
Pictures by Mike Evs.
The Point Cardiff,
18 Jan 2008.



Wolverhampton gig review
The best I've seen the band play. The venue was great, the sound quality fantastic and a really good sized crowd excellent. Not bad for a filthy Sunday night in January! The whole thing really came together - the band were totally relaxed and really tight, which I guess stems from playing 4 gigs in 4 days. It was great to meet Lee (Nigel's brother and forum member) and excellent that Nigel and Richard made it up from London, and that Nick was over from the Netherlands. Good also to see Rich, Tony and Ann for the 2nd time in 4 days. My son Nick is also now a serious convert and was hugely impressed.

Special thanks are due I think to the unsung hero and seventh band member BIG Dave for all his sterling work ferrying the band around the country, manning the merch desk and generally being a Top Bloke.

I really enjoyed the Breathing Space set as well and look forward to seeing them again soon.

As is now well publicised, the Billie Jean interlude has gone down a storm, with Gareth and Rach sharing lead vocals, interspersed with enthusiastic Michael Jackson-style whoops from Dylan.

Stand out tracks, for me, if it were fair and reasonable to single out a couple (which it is not) were especially the 2 new rocky ones: Sharp Sea and Dark Angel, the latter gets better each time I hear it. We brought a Reasoning newbie along, Clive, and in the car back he was Oh.Yes.I.Like.That.


Fotos by Fran.

I still haven't quite come down to earth yet. Crewe was good, Cardiff was just incredible. Perfect support band; absolute barnstormer of a set by you guys. Amazing to think it's exactly a year since that gig at the Uplands Tavern in Swansea.

I've seen both The Reasoning and Breathing Space five times now; that was the best performance I've seen from either band. The evening as a whole was in the same league as the three best gigs I went to in 2007, and it's only January.

Some photos from Cardiff.

Apoligies to Vinden for not posting any of him; I've got at least one of everybody else, even Big Dave.

Tim Weblog: WebLog.
Fotopic: Fotopic.

This sure was one great gig! I thought Crewe was amazing but last night at The Robin topped it! Well done to all. Cool

From the moment the Within Cold Glass intro started right through to the end of Stormbringer the whole night rocked! Can't remember the last time I enjoyed a set as much as this one. I thought the shift around in running order from Crewe worked well, with the set flowing even better than it had at The Limelight.

As for a fav. track.... hmm, tricky one but I guess Aching Hunger just about tops it. I just LOVE that track! Very Happy Over the coming months that may well change as Sharp Sea and Dark Angel are sure to grow on me VERY quickly.

So, all in all, one cracking night.


Pictures below by Phil /
The Robin 2, Bilston/ Wolverhampton.
20th Jan 2008.



Review by Nick.
The Robin 2, Bilston/ Wolverhampton.
The third day that i was on the road with these guys and gal was probably the best.
When we arrived at the venue, i was pleased with the look of it. A nice stage, a lot of lights and the overall look was good. So unloading, setting up and sound checking... The engineer, Jean, understood his job and apparently he was on common grounds. The sound was excellent. And by the way the sound at the Riga & The Point was a pleasure too.. good balanced and not too load!
So Breathing Space arrived with some familiar locals from York. A warm welcome and a brief chat.

When the doors went open a nice amount of people came in. And for me it was a pleasure to see my English buddies again! A nice cheerful atmosphere filled the venue and the pints were cold.

Picture by Adrian the Rock;
Breathing Space.

The Show.
Breathing Space was their support act for the second time on this tour.
A nice show, built up around the enjoyable voice of Olivia, great guitar work of Mark Rowen and loads of keyboards and laptops by the brothers Jennings. Accompanied by a solid rhythm section and with additional saxes and woodwind by John Hart.
They sounded very good, doing a wonderful set that set up the night nicely. The crowded loved it and so did a guy called BJ, who is dating Olivia – he had a big smile on his face.

The Reasoning.
An excerpt from "Within Cold Glass" was a nice intro to their show - mysterious, haunting and beautiful keyboard playing by Gareth. Then came a song from Rachel’s past, "Talk To Me", which may seem like a strange song to open with, but it warmed up the audience in a blink of an eye. Lee laid down a fabulous long guitar solo and it really did Rock!

As the wonderful slide playing by Dylan and heavenly vocals from Rachel strikes up next, you are expecting a ballad of massive proportions but when Dylan’s raw voice kicks in, the song becomes a Rocker. Yep, "Aching Hunger" really is an awesome rock song!

I was surprised to hear "Playing the Game", because this is a more pop song which doesn’t have the "heavy" riffs that makes up a large part of The Reasoning’s sound, but the song is of great importance and personal to Matthew for a number of reasons, plus when the middle section kicks in, everyone just seems to get lost and enjoy what is happening ion stage. The song is also a nice counterpoint and the lyrics are really my thing.

Picture by Adrian the Rock.

The show really continued to gain momentum with the audience becoming really animated and enthusiastic, as well as the band. There was a lot dancing and after every song there was a huge round of applause and cheers. The Reasoning on stage are unlike a lot of other bands I have seen as, are they not only great to watch and listen to, but they enjoy themselves so much, making jokes and really interacting with their audience. Rachel with her world wide experience is a hell of front lady. She told some interesting and fun stories, making the whole experience a pleasurable one for all.

The spoken intro to "Chasing Rainbows" made everybody sit up and listen. In a day and age where audiences generally chat through sets, it was wonderful to see and hear silence through the introductions and songs, a sign that the crowd were really into what they were experiencing by this 6 piece Rock Band. I really think each member of this band is a top musician showing that they have a magic together that is hard to find for a lot of bands and people. You could feel the enthusiasm, fun, and the joy along with the power they feel while playing.

During "Chasing Rainbows" they changed direction and did a perfect rendition of "Billie Jean" sung by Gareth & Rachel... I'm not a Michael Jackson fan, but strangely enough it made me smile and I even sang along! I must admit though that I was happy when with the reprise kicked back in; a fantastic way to blend 2 styles and come back into "Chasing Rainbow".

The new songs "Breaking The 4th Wall", "Sharp Sea" & "Dark Angel" were the highlights of the night for me, personally. These are songs with influences from the heavier Dream Theatre to the softer Marillion. Therefore my expectations of the new album are extremely high indeed!

The quality of the engineer (Shawn) and the sound system on the night really showed their quality during the haunting "Shadows of the Mind". Just marvelous - a song that is one of their trademarks; a great intro, with unique harmonies and multi-layered vocals, keyboard and bass loops along with excellent guitar work throughout. Both guitarists take the lead and both can play some wonderful slide guitar on their 7 string Ibanez & Musicman guitars, a great combination!

The band finished off the night in true rocking style with their near perfect rendition of Deep Purple’s “Stormbringer”. They do so much justice to this cover and even add extra harmonies, adding so much to the song – wonderful!

For me those three days on the road with the band were totally overwhelming and a superb experience!! My only complaint would be that it gave me an incredible desire to see this band again and again, which is improbable as they don't come to the lovely South of the Netherlands very often but I am sure that will change soon. Go see this band – NOW!!!!

Nick Gielkens.


Picture by Adrian the Rock;
Iain Jennings the man from Breathing Space.

Picture by Adrian the Rock.

Picture by Adrian the Rock.

Matthew, Dylan, Rachel, Lee, Gareth & vinden.

Lee, Sleeping beauty & Matthew.

Vinden, Dylan & Gareth.

Matthew Cohen... 6 strings... and thank you!

Big Dave the tourmanager,
he was always there to give a helping hand.

Hello galls and boys, Thank you all for the friendship i've experienenced on the roads in the UK. It was really fab.
The band is ... a great bunch of relaxed but driven people with a great sence of humor... wauw.

I'm working again and feeling really exhausted, but the memories of this weekend keeps my adrenaline running.

Thanks you all; John M., Richard, Nigel, Mike, Hester, Kevin, Tim, Graeme, Fran, Nick, Lee, Lucy, Phil & Lucy, Ann, Miss & Mr C. Sr., BJ, Mr.Sparnen, Chris W. (!), C-sides, Touchstone, Breathing Space and Comet ... (sorry if i missed one) and of course the Reasoning and my Big room mate again for those 3 fantastic days.

Love ya,
Nick from ...home, home again, i like to be here when i can....

Tour dates:

15th March 2008 Montgomery Hall, Wath-Upon-Dearne, Rotherham Supported by Gina Dootson

18th May 2008 Bergkeller, Reichenbach, Germany Canceled!!!
22nd May 2008 P60, Amstelveen, The Netherlands Supported by Mangrove
23rd May 2008 De Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen, The Netherlands Support To Be Announced
24th May 2008 Metropool, Hengelo, The Netherlands Supported by Mangrove




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