My 3 favourite guitarist are giving presents away!

David Jon Gilmour, Kalle Wallner & Bryan Josh.


Newsletter March 2009.


Hello dear friends,
Just a small one, with some David Gilmour goodies.

RPWL related stuff.
Chris Postl the bass player of the band, (yes he's the P in RPWL ;-) has started a new solo-project called Parzivals Eye.

Christina Booth - vocals (of Magenta)!
Alan Reed - vocals (of Pallas)
Ian Bairnson - guitarist in the Alan Parsons Project.
Mmm Ian was one of my favourite guitarists, he did some marvelous things in the Alan Parsons Project. And yes both singers have fabulous voices, but i must confess that i prefer Chritina above Alan. (both joined the ProgAid event ;-).

Christina Booth with Magenta and Chris Postl with rpwl will share the stage during the Io-festival; 09th of April; De Boerderij Zoetermeer & the 10th at de Rocktemple Kerkrade (with PBII).

A multi-instrumentalist called Frank Bossert is in his country, Germany, know as Eureka. His working on a new album with:

Yogi Lang (yes the "L" of RPWL) - Moog, he has mastered the album at Farmlands Studios some weeks ago... &
Billy Sherwood (ex YES) - vocals on two tracks &
Troy Donockley - uilleann pipes (Iona).
And Frank played on "Songs for Luca" from Dave Brainbridge, yes the guitarist of Iona. So the circle is round again.

Mandala Band.
It's quite about this new reborn band from the 70-ies. There are some news songs on my space and they are promising!
David Rohl the driving digger of this projects tells why there was some delay;

We had some delays with updating my studio, it thought it was an good idea to install some Protoolls cards. Waiting for the new Protools cards took three months! As a result I was not able to do any work on the Mandalaband recordings since Christmas. But now, with the cards installed, I am busy adding all the overdubs we recorded in the UK in December - bass guitar with Craig, percussion and guitars with Kim and lead vocals with Marc Atkinson (now in Riversea).
The album is sounding amazing and I am beginning to feel very good about it. I am my own worst critic - but this really is coming along very nicely.
I go to Egypt for a conference next week but, when I get back, I will be concentrating fully on completing the BC - Ancestors album. I still hope to have it ready for release by around May.

Best wishes,
And yes it becomes boring, but the uilleann piper; Troy Donockley is involved at this too.

The Celtic Rockers with one of the most beautiful voices on board have plans to tour again! Joanna Hogg the lead singer wanted more time for raising her kids and so Iona didn't tour much the last years, but apparently there is some time found.
And that i think is great. Saw them several times and it's a great live band, driving, cheerful and inspiring. Joanna (who plays keyboards too) is from Ireland, Troy Donockley (on the pipes and guitars) and Dave Brainbridge (guitars and keyboards) from the Midlands, the bass player, Phil Barker from London and drummer violist Frank van Essen is a Dutchman.
Two dates in Germany are already confirmed, i'm convinced that dates in the Netherlands will follow.

IONA is Celebrating 20 years:

Friday 4.09.09, 20h00. DE-65795 Hattersheim, Stadthalle &
Saturday 5.09.09, 20h00. DE-57610 Altenkirchen, Stadthalle.

Mostly Autumn.
Their live recording of the Shepherd Bush gig failed.. Read here why.

They added more UK dates to their gig list.

2 April P60 Amstelveen
3 April de nieuwe Nor Heerlen
4 April de Pul Uden.

The winners of the ticket competition which ended yesterday will get an e-mail notification. Have fun!
And a thank you to Louis Rentrop for helping us.

Live review of Mostly Autumn March '09.
Live review of Mostly Autumn X-mas '08/ De Boerderij (in Dutch), by ProgNose.

Other related news:
Heather Findlay sales her beautiful art work.

Bryan Josh.

His solo album "Through these Eyes" got from DPRP a 9 out of 10!

I'll close the competition next week, so if you like David Gilmour and Mostly Autumn join, it's free and it makes me smile.

Interview with Bryan Josh on line.

Competition; win Bryan Josh's solo album (guitarist from Mostly Autumn); 4 easy going questions.

Blind Ego.

Another great guitarist, Kalle Wallner, and his solo project. A bit more harder Rock with some proggy touch.
Paul Wrightson (ex-Arena) is the singer.
Anyway i'm allowed to give a way 2 promo copies!


Tour dates (with Credo):
08.05.2009 De Pul NL/Uden
09.05.2009 Boerderij NL/Zoetermeer
10.05.2009 The Rock Temple NL/Kerkrade
More dates here.

David Gilmour.
No news... got no faintest idea what he's doing. Working on some new stuff or on a holiday at Kastelhorizon?
But i got 2 nice gifts from his management;

A Polo Shirt:
The shirt was a prototype for a David Gilmour item, but never manufactured commercially, so the one you have is the only one in that style that ever existed.

A cd with live versions of; The Blue, On An Island, Take a Breath & Smile.
The CD is the audio of the live performances that David and his band recorded for the TV show ‘Live At Abbey Road’, that has aired here in the UK, and also around the world. Three songs were included in the TV show, and ‘On An Island’ is available on the DVD that ‘Live From Abbey Road’ released, a compilation of various artists’ performances. This CD was not available commercially - it was only available in the US as a ‘thank you’ to people who pledged money to ‘PBS’ – the Public Broadcasting Service.
That's cool isn't? And yes i'm jealous on you who will entry the competition... Good luck!
And 1.15 thanks!
his blog.

A exclusive shirt and a cd for you!

The Reasoning & Pink Floyd in the The Classic Prog Magazine.
Hello all! We're really excited to tell you that The Reasoning will be appearing in the first issue of a brilliant new magazine called "Classic Rock presents Prog!" which is a new quarterly magazine from the Classic Rock stable. It hits stores on 25th March 2009 and we couldn't wait for the next issue of Dark Angel Times to let you know! Even better: we're also going to be on the cover mount CD as well!

Classic Rock presents Prog is edited by the progtastic Jerry Ewing, who is, as many of you will know, one of the UK's forefront rock journalists and DJs, and is a new journal of progressive music that's set to offer prog rock fans a wealth of coverage of our favourite bands, artists and music. Issue one will be covering stalwarts such as Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, and ELP, and modern-day protagonists such as Dream Theater, Steven Wilson, Demians and The Reasoning, taking in the likes of Marillion, Asia, Queensryche and Rush along the way. It's a real honour for us to be mentioned in the same breath as these great bands and we can't wait for the first issue!


  • Interview with Nick Barrett is online too.

  • "Nick's been rambling again, you can read what he has so say by using this link... his forum.
    Also, with the DVD about to land on the doorstep of Pendragon HQ you can tease yourselves with a sneaky peak by using this link.. YouTube.
    Keep your eyes peeled on "Purely Pendragon" over the next couple of days to see a new film clip we're just putting together. Off to Europe on Wednesday to play ALL of Pure (plus other goodies of course!) Check out the website for details of gigs in Lille -France on Thursday (19th March) and Ittervoort- Holland(20th March) (Ittervoort gig is now SOLD OUT) I'm sure the're be more exciting news very soon......."
    W x
  • You can hear a interview with Panic Room.

  • Gazpacho will record a dvd during their performance in Zoetermeer, a day earlier, 26th of March, they'll play in W2 Den Bosch.

  • Please visit DPRP for more news about IQ, Dream Theater, Pendragon, Muse, Porcupine Tree and much more Proggy Stuff.

    I gonna miss this fantastic guy this Friday in Ittervoort (yep that is in the lovely South...), because i gonna meet my other dear friends at some Fishy convention ;-). Yep that's great fun too... but jeemie.

    Nick Barrett and his Pendies from his forthcoming dvd "Concerto Maximo".
    (Is he my number 4?)

    Please keep Prog-rockin',
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands @ &

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