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Hello dear friends,
This week the sun started to shine in this part of the world, so sun glasses & factor 44 are needed. Time to have a holiday.

Shine on you crazy Diamond.
An video from David Gilmours "Meltdown" gigs in 2001 with the late Micheal Kamen (November 2003);

Shine you crazy Diamond/ Meltdown video.

To my humble opinion this is one of the best versions of "Shine on you crazy Diamond".
Does anyone know how the instrument is called, which Nick France (the drummer), does play at the beginning of the clip?

This is the original song with as footage; "Syd Barrett's first documented acid trip - Summer, 1966".

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Syd Barrett footage).

A previously unseen video of Syd Barrett's girlfriend Iggy (who appears on the cover of The Madcap Laughs), with its original soundtrack of See Emily Play, will make its début after 40 years at The City Wakes tribute to Syd in October. Directed and filmed by Anthony Stern, the video has never before been publicly available, but the full version will be shown as part of the concert performances that form each evening's conclusion to the days events. For a sneak preview of the video, click below...

"See Emily Play", unseen video at

Thanks to Matt from

David Gilmour.
David once replied on a interview "If he would play "Atom Heart Mother" ever again"; "...that crap never!".
But several years later he did (June 2008) ... Read here why he decide to play it together with Ron Geesin.

Last time i reported that his "Live in Gdansk cd/dvd" will be released in September; more info here.
In the meantime Amazon has started the pre-sale; 2CD version / 2CD + 1DVD version / 2CD + 2DVD version 2CD version / 2CD version / 2CD version
Or have a look on this one


Of course you can find everything you want to now at his blog and website: Gilmour. Gilmour - Gdansk + new video's.

A nice interview with by Christine and Yogi Lang can be found at this place

This German band will be out touring after the summer break in Germany, Suisse, Spain, the Netherlands and the U.K.! Dates you can find on this little spot or at their MySpace page;

Mostly Autumn.

mostly autumn different sky single release
mostly autumn different sky single release
Yep, Mostly Autumn has released a new single; Different Sky! Downloadable at iTunes!

A nice review of the new album Glass Shadows can be found here: (in Dutch) &
in English. On Prog-nose you can find a review in English and Dutch.

Three special X-mass gigs in the LowLands:

Friday 19 December W2 Den Bosch
Saturday 20 December De Boerderij Zoetermeer NL &
Sunday 21 December Spirit of 66 Verviers BE

For the Dutch readers we started a weblog.

The new Mostly Autumn single/ teaser.

Mostly Autumn, Odin Dragonfly and Breathing Space all have tracks appearing on the free CD sampler in the August edition of Classic Rock magazine out this month.
The three tracks are:

1. Mostly Autumn - Tearing at the Faerytale
2. Odin Dragonfly - WEB
3. Breathing Space - Don't Turn A Blind Eye
Along with a small write up of each track in the magazine itself, the rest of the twelve track CD entitled "Classic Rock Presents Prog Spawn" features groups such as Panic Room, Credo, Touchstone and The Pineapple Thief. Autumn & Dragonfly & Space
with new tour dates in the U.K..

Wetton - Downes.
They'll release a new iCon studio album in a few months time ....
John Wetton & Geoff Downes - iCon Following the extraordinary success of the Reunion of the Original Members of Asia and their acclaimed all-new album Phoenix, song writing duo John Wetton and Geoff Downes have announced they will be recording the third Wetton-Downes' iCon studio album in September 2008. The album will be released and supported with a tour in early 2009.

Fans and critics alike have clamored for more from Wetton and Downes, whose songwriting formed much of the fabric of the successful Asia reunion release Phoenix. Joining the duo are guitar virtuoso Dave Kilminster, fresh from successful tours with Roger Waters and Keith Emerson, and Cellist Hugh McDowell (ELO, Landmarq (live '03) Kristy MacColl and others), whose unique sound helped frame the first two iCon releases. Rounding out the band is Pete Riley, considered one of the "best drummers in the world", whose work with Keith Emerson, Kilminster and extensive live and session work shows an extraordinary breadth and depth of style. Kilminster.

In the meantime David Kilminster is working together with Murray Hockridge. They've planned some gigs and some session to write new songs.
To celebrate their performances at the Cambridge Street Performers Festival July 29th and July 30th, Murray and Dave will return to visit with legendary BBC Broadcaster Sue Marchant in her Cambridgeshire studios mid-festival July 29th for conversation and performance.
Even if you don't live in the UK, you can check out the show. Just go to one of the following links and click on 'listen live": an interview with Dave & Murray by Rita.
(You can find a new interview with Tim Bowness (No-Man) there too).

Peter Gabriel.
Peter Gabriel must have noticed his former Genesis colleague enjoying a nice career revival by scoring songs for Disney, so he has jumped that bandwagon by penning the song Down To Earth together with Thomas Newman for the latest Pixar/Disney film Wall-E. At the moment it is unclear whether the song will be released as a single, but it is available for download through all the regular digital outlets, and also featured on the Wall-E original soundtrack album.

New song of Peter Gabriel. Mmm this is not the most spectacular video, but the music is cool.

"His" new album "Big Blue Ball" is really a nice summer break, from songs of the master himself till cheerful songs from Natascha Atlas, Papa Wembla, Karl Wallinger and more.

Mr.So&So & Steve Rothery..
Mr. Steve Rothery appears on a new song, Rainbow, from Mr.So & So.

The Reasoning and Steve Rothery.
Mr. Steve Rothery had some fun last Sunday on the Cambridge Rock festival with the Reasoning. He joined them to play "Within Cold Glass".
Owain Roberts, the new guitarist of the Reasoning made his maiden trip on this festival.

Owain, Matthew & Steve Rothery.

A review from the whole festival, with Touchstone, Breathing Space, The Reasoning, Mostly Autumn and a band called Marillion you can find a Tim's place. Reasoning.


A project that has rose out the catacombs of Spanish Castle...
The story goes back to the mid 70-ies when David Rohl and engineer started his own band with members of 10cc, the Moody Blues, BJH, Maddy Prior and more. He wrote a Tolkienesque fairytale and his inhabitants. The second album "Eye of Wendor" was a beauty of orchestral progressive rock with an concept. A best of mix of "The Day the Future passed" / Moody Blues, "Tales of Topographic Oceans" Yes and "War of the Worlds" / Jeff Wayne. And now the eminent Egyptologist, writer, director David Rohl is back in the music business with his project. Yes it 's a kind of "Indiana Jones and his musical acquaintants seeking the holy Uilliann Pipes". Yes the nightwish piper "Troy Donockley is one of the main characters on board of the ancient ship ;-) Two albums will see the day light this year. So please keep an eye on this pages... i think it will be great. and hear some new songs. listen to "Dawn of a new Day" or "Which of Waldwood" ... beautiful!!!

The new albums will contain 25 new tracks with heavy and dreamy orchestrations, majestic themes, screaming guitars, beautiful voices and of course the holy Uillieann pipes... &


The new album of Nick Barrett and his buccaniers wil be released at 1 October. Nick is in his studio the upcomming weeks for mixing. You can expect a big old wake up with the new album!
  • Who did the artwork of Pure (well done). NB: Bjoerne from Killistrations.

  • who's playing on your album? NB:, Clive, Peter and Scott.

  • What can we expect? NB: rubbish.....not really, it's FUCKIN@ EXCELLENT!!! A bit nu- metal , a bit grunge, a bit scary, a bit trance , VERY VERY prog for 2009, NOT regurgitaed Genesis, it has Summery - jazzy bits, very very melodic, quite SEXY [I sing with more growl], 3 looooooooooong guitar solos, [and v v melodic], lots of modern keyboards, thundering drums.

  • And he'll perform at some festivals, this weekend in Lithouwen and in August in Wales (Saturday 30th / Moonfest).
    Please if you're able catch them on the road somewhere in Europe; Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland (a lot), Czech Republic , Italy, France, Spain, Portugal & the U.K.! Tour dates Pendragon.

    In the meantime i fell in love on a Dutch girl with her band Amberlinn.
    Listen by your self and share my love.

    Van Morrison.
    Monday night (July 7th), legendary songwriter and performer Van Morrison gave his audience in Toronto's Massey Hall something a little out of the ordinary... a cover version of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb.
    Van Morrison originally performed the track in Berlin - at short notice - back in 1990 when Roger Waters staged his mammoth production of The Wall for the Memorial Fund for Disaster Relief, and subsequently his version appeared on the soundtrack of recent movie The Departed. His performance on Monday reportedly resulted in "some hair-raising, spine-tingling moments. While looking down at a lyrics sheet, he managed to make the song into his own with his unique, powerful range and passion".
    "I hope you liked that," he said. "I'm not numb and I'm not comfortable."

    Nick Mason.
    Nick Mason and his racing driver daughter Holly helped entertain the huge crowds that braved the very uncertain weather to attend the first day of the three-day Goodwood Festival of Speed today (Friday).

    In mid-February, Nick Mason was one of the special guests at the Hollywood Rock'n'Roll Fantasy Camp (more details here). He clearly had a good time, as he is one of the two announced headliners thus far at the next major Fantasy Camp to be announced.

    Nick will be joining ex-Rolling Stone Bill Wyman for the event, which takes place in England from November 4th - 9th this year.

    Read the whole story at

    Ed Unitsky.
    A nice interview of this powerful and colourful painter you can find on

    Tilburg NL
    , Saturday 23th of August

    , 26th, 27th, 28th September. The Hall, High Street, Lydney, Gloucestershire. GL15 5DY.
    With IQ, Magenta, Frost, Tangent, Threshold, Quidam and more.

    Spirit of 66
    , 18 & 19-10
    The 7th edition of the Prog Résiste Convention will be held in the Spirit Of 66 in Verviers, Belgium in the weekend of 18 and 19 October, 2008. As always the two-day festival will feature a couple of newcomers and some better known names, with Gazpacho headlining the first night, and Pure Reason Revolution headlining the second. Prog Résiste Convention 2008 18 & 19 October 2008, Verviers, Belgium



    For more information visit the Prog Résiste website (in French only). or at


    Last new Myspace friends:; A girl with a great voice and dreamy compositions great prog from Poland!
    ( a review of those Polish Proggers at DPRP).
    Last new CD's:
    "Chasing Shadows" from Amberlinn; beautiful dutch ambient Prog with a fantastic female voice.
    "Tightly Unwound" from The Pineapple Thief
    "Yesterday is a Friend"; Believe really nice, Marillion stylish!
    "[Blomljud]"; Moon Safari, wonderful old Genesis prog with some folk influences.
    "Night" from Gazpacho.
    (Gazpacho will do another show on th 19th in Den Bosch).
    "Different Sky" the new single from Mostly Autumn (€ 0,99)!
    "Big Ball"; Peter Gabriel & friends.


    Take care and have a great Summer and
    please drive carefully,

    from the lovely South of the Netherlands.


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    27th of July 2008.