An interview with Arjen Lucassen
May 2004.

Arjen Lucassen.

Electric-, acoustic- and bass guitars, keyboards and vocals.

You started to play an instrument at the age of:

Did you had any lesson?
Not really, just from friends.

Did you had a "hero" as teenager?
Alice Cooper, Ritchie Blackmore, Marc Bolan, Clint Eastwood, Roger Moore

Other musical projects:
Too many too mention!

Favourite Music:
Good music.

Best album(s) you bought or heard in 2002/2003:
The albums of the musicians that contributed on my last Ayreon album.

Best album ever:
Pink Floyd.

Best live act:
Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd.

Favourite Movie(s):
Alien, Stargate, Cuckoo's Nest, Midnight Run, Shining, Omen, Thing, Crocodile Dundee.

Favourite Food:
Mexican, Indian, Indonesian.

Favourite Quote:
Why are we here? Because we're here. Why does it happen? Because it happens. (Neil Peart - Rush).

Your life besides music:
Non-existant really...

(Girl-) friend, kids, pets:
Married, no kids.

Why do you love her/ him so much, what's so special about her /him:
Her honesty and pureness.

Surprising Facts:
People actually like that shit music on the radio.

What would you wish for the future:
A New Pink Floyd Album...

You must go to a concert/ gig what would you choose:
Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson, Jackson
Roger Waters or David Gilmour, Gilmour
Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins, Gabriel
Woodstock ('69) or Live Aid ('84), Live Aid
Robbie Williams or Enimem, Williams
Frank Zappa or The Beach Boys, Zappa
Jon Bon Jovi or Transatlantic, Transatlantic
Night of the Proms or Bob Dylan, Dylan
Jimmy Hendrixs or The Doors, Doors
David Gilmour acoustic or Pink Floyd, Floyd
Rush or Deep Purple, Rush (seen Purple a million times)
Ritchie Blackmore solo or Deep Purple, Blackmore (Rainbow)
Paul Mccartney or the Who, Who
The Beatles or the Stones, Beatles of course!

Which gig you missed?

Led Zeppelin.

Why do you invited such a many guests on your albums?

Because I want to work with them.

Do you go to gigs of one of them when they play in the Lowlands?
If I can, sure!




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